Children Learn to Read with Reading Eggs! (Review)

Reading Eggs is no stranger to our family. We’ve been using this popular online reading program for a couple years now. That, accompanied with their math program, Math Seeds, are my younger children’s favorite way to do some special school work online. We have reviewed their online products in the past, but this time we also received 200 Essential Reading Skills for Second Grade, one of their new workbooks.

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The full-color second-grade workbook contains over 200 pages and provides a comprehensive curriculum with:

  • 200 essential reading skills
  • 72 Comprehension Lessons
  • Fiction and Nonfiction Texts
  • 72 Spelling Lessons
  • 36 Grammar Lessons
  • 4 Reviews (every 9 weeks contains a review)
  • Answers
  • Yearly planner
  •  . . and more!

The lessons build 200 essential reading skills (hence the name) to understand new ideas, make connections, write effectively, and unlock deeper comprehension of a wide range of texts.

Using Reading Eggs

As I said before, we’ve been using reading eggs for some time. Primarily Max (7-year-old) and Caroline (6-year-old) have used the program. My four year old has used it from time to time, but her computer skills aren’t that great yet (and I’m totally fine with that.)

All three kids have accounts with Reading Eggs and Math Seeds, but for the purposes of this review, Caroline was the user (she received a 3-month extension to her subscription) and the one who did the workbook.

As you can see, Reading Eggs can work for many different ages and skill levels.

Caroline has always enjoyed the fun games, reading lessons, and songs. She moves through the different maps, collecting critters, and changing her avatar. The fun, lively content is done in a way that allows the lessons to be retained.

She’s made loads of progress with just a few minutes a day of practice.

Final thoughts

Reading Eggs and the accompanying workbook is a wonderful (and cost-effective!) language arts program. We’ve used the online portion for a while as a supplement to what we did already, but when the online component is paired with the workbook, you’ve got yourself a complete curriculum.

A complete curriculum that doesn’t take more than 20-ish minutes a day. That’s a total winner in my book!

I’m considering getting the Kindergarten book for my four-year-old, as she wants to be just like big sis.

A few things I really appreciate about the workbook . . . 

  • the pages are nice and thick
  • full-color pages make for a very attractive and inviting workbook that kids enjoy using
  • each sheet is labeled with week and day (love this!)
  • the blanks are big enough to ensure enough space is available for even the biggest of letters
  • large font is used throughout the book so even though the pages are full, there is never an overwhelming amount of work to be done
  • the weeks follow the same layout of lessons

All in all, we are very pleased with Reading Eggs’ newest product. I completely recommend both the workbook and online components.

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