Classical Rhetoric with Roman Roads Media (Review)

I’ve known Roman Roads Media for their awesome history programs for many years, but recently I was introduced to something new. We were given Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric (complete program) for review.

What is rhetoric?

According to Google, rhetoric is . . .

the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques

That is precisely what you’ll learn in Fitting Words, but with a Christian flair.

Fitting Words is a one year course in practical rhetoric for high schoolers. The complete program includes:

  • Textbook
  • Student Workbook
  • Answer Key
  • Test Packet
  • DVD Course Videos

Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric

The Textbook

If you are planning to hand the materials to your child and be hands-off with the program, reading the Preface (How to use this book) and the Introduction (The goal of this book) is a good idea. If your student is reasonably responsible, then doing the program alone (other than having an audience for speeches and someone to grade) can easily be done.

We got this program specifically for my sophomore (Julia), but I’ll talk more about that a little later.

Each of the thirty lessons include:

  • Thinking deeper questions – questions that dig deeper into the lesson topics and prompt discussion
  • Suggestions for reading further – occasionally there will be extra reading required for the above questions
  • Quotes for developing memory – exercises in memorizing and delivering appropriate quotes of varying length

The Workbook

The workbook includes the exercises for each lesson. Sometimes the lessons have two exercises (A and B). Both exercises need to be completed. The workbook also includes speech judging sheets just like the ones in the Test Packet.

The workbook has a nice layout. The questions are well spaced apart with plenty of writing area afterward.

The Answer Key

Along with the answers to the exercises and tests, the Key also includes a course schedule (very helpful!). The Answer Key layout is just like the layout of the text book, which keeps things simple (always appreciated.)

Grading the tests and exercises is very easy.

The Exam Packet

The Exam packet includes a review of the tests, the actual tests, and speech judging sheets for you to use to evaluate the speeches.

How we used Fitting Words

While the program is meant for high school students, I decided to go through it together with her. We are counting this as a speech class for her, and a way to be a better speaker in my YouTube videos for me!

We are rounding out lesson four right now and I’m surprised by how much we’ve both learned so far. I’ve learned a lot about speaking to individual needs (considering my audience) and have found several useful tips for creating products for my blog!

I don’t know that Julia has been enjoying the program, per se, but she has been doing it faithfully with me and the complaining has been minimal.

Overall, I’d say it’s a wonderful program for any high schooler or adult in need of some speaking/writing improvement.

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