Decorating Your Family Home On A Budget

If you had all the money in the world, you could decorate your house exactly how you wanted to, however, we live in the real world. But don’t resign yourself to your own drab surroundings forever. You don’t have to give up hope.

You don’t need to spend thousands to make your home look good. No matter what budget you are working with, you can decorate your home relatively cheaply. And here are some of the ways you can do it!

Bring in a piece of nature

You don’t need to spend a lot of money decorating your home when God has already provided you with what you need to transform your living space. Potted plants and fresh flowers can bring color and life into any room of your house. You can decorate your home with leaves, seashells, and acorns, perhaps painting them to bring color, and/or arranging them into a hanging wall decoration.

If you have a skill with wood, you could source it from outside and repurpose it into a piece of furniture. The world is your oyster and provided you only take what you need from public places (no hopping over your neighbor’s wall for their geraniums), you can makeover your home in an affordable and sustainable way. Check out these natural decor ideas, and be inspired for your own living space!

Repurpose or upcycle what you already have

Rather than buying something new, or throwing something old away, why not turn old into new instead? Your old dining table could be transformed into a desk. Any extra fabric you have lying around could be turned into a set of curtains.

Sure, you will need to put some effort in. You might want to repaint or refinish your dining table before you turn it into a desk, for example, but you can create something that looks good on very little money. To give you inspiration, take a look at this article for an extensive guide on turning any of your old furniture into something that looks new and wonderful!

Add a splash of paint

A cheap way to breathe new life into your home is to add a touch of color. You can give your walls and pieces of wooden furniture a completely new look with a fresh coat of paint, or a brand new color scheme. You can add contrast too, by adding color to one part of your room to create a focal point, offsetting it against the other colors you use in your home.

Another good idea is to try a variety of painting techniques. Rather than simply rolling your paint onto your wall, try and create some interesting new effects. From stripes to stenciling, check out these creative ideas.  What used to be a drab wall will now be completely transformed into something fresh and exciting.

Shop around for furnishing and accessories

Sure, you could walk around the high-end stores looking at things you can’t afford. And yes, you can do the same when you’re browsing the internet. But by doing those things, you are only going to feel deflated and sad! Instead, do your research and look in places that suit your budget. Websites such as H&M, Target, and Urban Outfitters, all sell decor at reasonable prices.

Another popular website is Deconovo, and at time of writing, they currently have a flash sale that is worth taking advantage of. And don’t ignore any thrift stores in your town or classified ads on Craigslist and Freecycle. You might snag yourself a real bargain; that hidden treasure that would look fabulous in your home.

Bring in some cheap additions

There are lots of things you can buy that won’t cost you the earth. Cheap wall decals can add visual interest on bare walls. You can purchase picture frames and fill them with pieces of art you have created yourself, or photographs of your family.

Stringed garden or Christmas lights can be strung across your walls. Brightly colored candles can literally light up your room. Shop around, see what you can find on the cheap, and then add them in a decorative fashion.

Finally . . . You don’t need the big bucks to decorate your home. Use our ideas, and give your home a fresh lease of life at little expense to yourself. And if you have any ideas of your own, then let me know, and tell me what you did to decorate your home.

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