How To Get It All Done and Not Lose Your Mind (Homemaking Tips from Caroline Ingalls)

Have you ever read the Little House on the Prairie books? We adore them.

One of the many lessons I’ve learned from Ma (Caroline Ingalls) is to spread my work throughout the week. Having designated days has helped me get more accomplished more consistently than ever before.

Ma said . . . 

“Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, Mend on Wednesday, Churn on Thursday, Clean on Friday, Bake on Saturday, Rest on Sunday”

Now, I may not be churning butter or mending clothing, but I use this same principle to help me get it all done.

Homemaking Tips from Caroline Ingalls - How I get it all done

My schedule looks more like this . . .

I get all the laundry done on Monday.

Tuesday is my easy day (my only must-do’s are clipping the kids’ nails and mopping the kitchen).

Wednesday is baking day (we make the cinnamon rolls, pizzas, and other various goodies for the freezer).

Thursday is errand day (market shopping, miscellaneous errands, anything that makes me leave the house I like to do all on one day). I firmly believe that limiting your time out of the house as a stay at home can help volumes in getting everything done.

Friday is our deep clean day. We do different zones each Friday. For example, 1st Friday is kitchen and mudroom. 2nd Friday is the school room and toy room . . . By deep cleaning each of the zones once a month, there’s never a need for Spring cleaning and the house stays decently clean year round.

Saturday is my work day. I make sure the kids have lots of easy food choices for the day and I go hide in my room for about six hours to get my computer work done for the upcoming week. (Don’t worry, my 16-year-old does an excellent job of watching everyone.)

Ideally, I’m not on my laptop during the week while the kids are awake. Having my designated work day and getting a few things done in the early mornings before they wake up help me to accomplish this goal.

But what about the things that need to be done daily?

Of course, there are things that must be done daily, and those things are put on a chore chart of sorts. I keep a copy of it on the fridge.

This is what it currently looks like . . .

By getting little things done each day, and big zones done on Fridays, we’re able to keep the house looking nice without stress.

(Find the Little House on the Prairie books here.)

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How do you get things done in your home?

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