How Is A Wonderful Life Measured?

We all have ideas for our own life. How we’re to make certain decisions, the people that we surround ourselves with, and the careers we pursue. We might have support structures we return to or people we define ourselves as being around. We might also have other forms of consideration that contribute to our personality. For example, it might be that a family home that’s been in our bloodline for generations is part of who we are, and how we feel the progression of our life should be surrounded.

But how is a wonderful life measured? How can we measure the true calling of our lives? How can we figure out if we’re making the most of our years? Well, usually the minutiae of this can be subjective from person to person. But often, the things that redeem us and make our life worth the entire effort are as follows:

The Memories We Make

The memories we make are all we have, alongside who we share them with. When you head into retirement, and you might have to spend a fair amount of time in a limited physical state, your memories will be the beautiful experiences that sustain you. They will be the matters that help you feel thankful for the life you lived. Of course, you cannot go out on a given day during your youth and think ‘today I will forge this memory!’ But you can focus on nurturing a healthy social life, on being good to people and surrounding yourself with good people, and trying to do your best to explore this silly world of ours.

While you might not need to be the absolute best in your field, or volunteer to be the first person on Mars in order to think your life had meaning, you do need to focus on that which matters to you. A life lived with loved ones will always generate cherished memories that will inform who you are, and generally, help you feel much more connected and comfortable to and with yourself.

The Good We Share

An experience shared is an experience doubled. Helping others to become their best selves, raising your children right in spite of the challenges, or even nurturing a friend can all help you in a plethora of ways. We often remember our lives not in how cool we were or how much money we earned. Instead, we think of life as a means of what good we shared with others. What kind of personality do you have with new people? Have time somehow turned you into a vindictive and suspicious person, or are you open to new experiences and are you willing to see the good in people? This can help you share good and feel good, and that is the most important.

That We Do For Others

To live in service of others is an important thing to do, and can sustain you. After all, life isn’t what you get, but what you give. Of course, you also need to look after yourself as a priority, but often supporting others and encouraging them can make a massive difference. This will have a ripple effect, where if someone else can be helped, they are likely to transmit that loving energy in some way. It might simply be in helping a neighbor build their house, or in heading to an infertility clinic to potentially donate eggs or even consider surrogacy. You may consider supporting your partner throughout their emotional troubles no matter what or even consider adoption and the deep love that requires to make it work.

Often we consider our value on Earth not by how many dollars we were able to generate, but by the real effect we’ve had on people’s lives. This doesn’t mean you need to head out and give away your entire salary each year. It means the smaller actions, or the focused actions, or the actions that you truly believe in, with no expectation of a returned favor. To use perhaps the most visceral example from history – it’s true that people were Nazi’s and guarded some of the most horrific facilities of that time. But there were many people who also sheltered those who were persecuted at great personal cost. This shows that no matter who you are, you have the potential for great good if you aim for it.

With these simple tips, measuring your wonderful life in the smaller methods should be that little bit easier.

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