How to Make Your Home Feel Like “Home”

If you’ve just purchased a house, or have perhaps been living in new home for a little while but are yet to feel “settled in”, then you’re not alone, as most people when moving home find that they lose a sense of home for a while when transitioning from one home to another – but there are things you can do to transform this state or at least catalyst the transition.

Interestingly, our environment tends to affect our emotions much more than we tend to realize, and it’s important to remember that home is not a “place” per se, it’s a feeling that can take some time to develop – as it’s a feeling that’s attached to an association of a place, and for you to transfer this feeling from your old home into your new home will take a while to migrate over.

See, you can decorate and even install the most beautiful lucite bathtubs to make your home feel more comfortable, and like your own, yet feeling at home is an emotional process that understandably takes time.  Home is a sense of belonging and comfort – which often doesn’t happen straight away, in that the feeling of “home” you crave doesn’t come with the house you’ve purchased – it must be generated internally.

There are, however, a number of external things you can do to ensure you feel at home within your new house.  

Unpack all your belongings

If you’ve recently moved home there’s a good chance you still have some unpacking to do.  The challenge with this overwhelming task is that until you unpack and everything has a home, your life is going to continue to feel stuck in a state of limbo and transition.  The longer you leave things lying around in boxes, the longer it will take to feel at home, in your new home.

Make it yours

There are a number of things you can do to make your home feel more like your own.  For instance, a good clean of the property can work wonders – even if it’s already clean, as this is an energetic process that connects you with the house and will make you feel much more at home.  Put in your favorite air freshener, that reminds you of the feeling of “home”, and put up photos or pictures that you associate with the feeling of being at home.

Put out all your things

In a similar vein, you want to put out your things in order to feel like this is your space, the more familiar items you see out in your home, the more you’ll associate this new space with home.

In summary, whilst home is not a specific place in the sense that it’s a feeling, it is a feeling that must belong somewhere and be attached to something – therefore, it’s all about reassociating your sense of home with the new property rather than the old one.

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