Keep Your Family Safe This Halloween

How many more days until Halloween? We bet you don’t have to count; your kids are probably keeping track of it for you! Halloween is a moment of excitement that most kids look forward to spending with their friends and family – preferably in the most ingenious costume they could think of. You can expect to meet plenty of superheroes in the streets – from Wonder Woman to The Incredibles. If you haven’t found a costume yet, you can browse the latest news to find some inspiring ideas, such as turning a sweet ginger boy into a young Prince Harry, for example.

But, the costume is only one element of the perfect Halloween night. The pumpkin, the decor, and the infamous treats play a significant role in the success of the party. Halloween, however, claims every year new injuries and health complaints. So, this year, you need to take all the precautions you can to keep your family safe.

The pumpkin carving adventure that can go wrong

Pumpkin carving is by far the most exciting part of the Halloween preparations. Most households work hard to create elegant holiday centerpieces that can be used to illuminate the front yard or the porch. But the friendly pumpkin is the number one reason for emergency room visits in October. Indeed, carving injuries are extremely common, and some can even result in permanent nerve damages. In other words, it’s time to make carving safe for your family. Working with quality tools and leaving all the cutting to the most experienced adults in your household can save yourself a trip to the ER.

Additionally, if you’re not comfortable with carving, you could choose decorating alternative activities. Salt dough prints and fun-looking hand printed animals can be all the decoration you need. You can also choose to paint on top of a small pumpkin.

No, decorating the garden with perishables is not a good plan

If you nevertheless decide to carve your pumpkin and keep it outside to give your house a Halloween feel, you need to be careful of not attracting scavengers. Indeed, wild animals can often go through your garbage cans and steal food from your garden – including your beloved pumpkin!

If you’re worried about noises at night and a messy outdoor area, you can find out more from Animal Control Specialists about the things that attract raccoons, skunks, and even squirrels into your garden. Ultimately, there’s no beating around the bush. If you put food outside – and the pumpkin does count as food – the local wildlife is likely to ransack your garden.  

Urgh, beware of candy overload

Ah, the sugar rush of Halloween; when kids eat all the candies in one day and are bouncing with energy for hours – which is immediately followed by a lumpish and cranky period. There’s no reason to go through that experience every year. The Halloween indulgence and post-Halloween ‘hangover’ is a tough time for parents. That’s why you need to reduce the amount of candy in the house. Make sure to get rid of all the excess.

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