Online Math Lessons from I know It (Review)

For the past few weeks, a couple of the younger children have been using I Know It for some fun online math lessons. I Know It is the latest program from the people behind SuperTeacherWorksheets.

I Know It Review Online Math Lessons Homeschool

While I’m not exactly a fan of online math programs, I do like being able to change things up from time to time and give the kids a break from the norm.

I Know It is geared toward Kindergarten through 5th-grade students and boasts over 400 math lessons, with more being added. The program does align with Common Core, but you can read about the concepts when assigning lessons.

When it comes to assigning a lesson, I can either select individual students or my entire “class”. This aspect of the program leads me to think it would be a good program for public school systems as well.

I Know It is designed to be used on laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and desktop computers.

Online Math Lessons with I Know It

The program is easily used by the student with minimal help from you. You, as the teacher can go in and assign lessons or just let them pick and choose. Primarily, I just let them pick what they wanted to do. I mean, they’re doing the math, so I’m not going to be picky about it.

I Know It Review Online Math Lessons Homeschool

As you can see, we got three student accounts and mine is just the teacher account. Max and Caroline are both in 2nd grade and Louisa is in Kindergarten. The kids got to pick their own avatar.

Along with the ability to choose which lessons your children do, there are other custom options as well.

I Know It Review Online Math Lessons Homeschool

The animation is what happens when your child answers a question. Personally, this is my least favorite aspect. I find it silly and a waste of time to have to watch these animations do tricks and make faces every. single. time. the kids answer a math problem.

The option to have the problems read aloud to the student is what makes the program more independent for younger students.

I Know It Review Online Math Lessons Homeschool

The above is what Caroline’s homepage looks like. I added an assignment just so you can how it looks, but as I said, I let her do which topics she wanted. Below is an example of one of her lessons.

I Know It Review Online Math Lessons Homeschool

Overall the kids didn’t mind hopping on the computer now and then to do a couple lessons, but by far they’d rather just do their normal math curriculum and be done with it.

It was a little more difficult for Louisa because we don’t have a mouse, and having to use the touchpad was a bit frustrating for her. We’re just not that big into doing school (or much else when they’re little) on the computer so her computer skills are very limited at this point.

Final Thoughts

I Know It is your basic supplemental online math program. There’s nothing particularly spectacular about it, but there’s also nothing overly annoying or difficult about it.

The system is very user-friendly and a good choice if your students need a little extra practice and you don’t want to print off worksheets. It would also work well as a bridge over the summer to help keep some of the things learned during the school year from being forgotten.

Working just a few minutes a day, a couple of days per week, I Know It can help your child better understand difficult topics or review past material.

For homeschoolers, I Know It is available as an annual subscription for an adult and up to 4 children for $90, with each additional child being $8 for the year.  They are currently offering a free 60-day trial to interested homeschoolers and teachers.

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