Why Homeschooling is Smart in the 21st Century

With budgets being cut in public schools and private schools being out of the reach of many parents, homeschooling is an option that is becoming more popular than ever. Parents are concerned about the quality of education their children are getting, and they have every right to be in this day and age. If you are thinking of homeschooling your children, you may be wondering what the advantages are.

Better Results

Several studies have shown that children schooled at home get better test results. They do not suffer from the social awkwardness that some parents are concerned about and are generally happier with their lives.

The point is that in schools, whether they are private or public, they have to work to the speed of the slowest children, so they can be certain that every child covers every aspect of the lesson. When you school them at home that is not a problem, and you can work at a pace that suits them.

The only limits on homeschooling are any that you impose yourself. You choose what lessons you want to teach them, and leave out any you think they don’t need.

It could be that they have a dream job in mind for the future, and they may need to complete a masters in engineering management online to achieve that. However, with all the online courses now available to everyone, that will not be a problem. There are also many online resources that can help you with the homeschooling of your children.

Family Time

Although you may have to behave a bit differently with them during school hours, it is still family time you are spending together. It does not matter that you have to put your teachers head-on during lessons or that you have to be a bit stricter with them. Family time with young children is something that does not last very long, and soon you will be wondering where the time went. Make the most of it and enjoy the opportunity you have to spend some extra time with them.

Less Peer Pressure

Most parents will remember how awful peer pressure can be. They will recall how they sometimes did a silly thing while at school and how the other children laughed at them. You will never do away with this element of growing up, but homeschooling can definitely reduce the amount of peer pressure your children experience. It’s definitely an option worth thinking about.

They Will Learn Your Values

Apart from the lessons in maths, history and all the other subjects you decide to teach them, your children will learn your values rather than the ones imposed on them at school. This reason alone is why a large proportion of parents surveyed said they decided to take their children’s education into their own hands, and most of them have never regretted that decision.

You do not need to have a teaching degree to be able to homeschool your children. You may be surprised how much information you recall from your own days at school, and how many new things you learn while you are teaching them.

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