Brinkman Adventures Season 6 (Review)

It’s no secret that we love audio books. And lately, we’ve been listening to the brand new Season 6: Underground Rising (digital version) Brinkman Adventures. Unlike the previous seasons,  the Brinkmans have moved to a six-episode structure so this one is half the size of their previous releases (just over two hours long, rather than over five.)

Each episode is about 30 minutes long, so we don’t have to save them for long car rides and can use them regularly. How do we listen to them in the car if it’s a digital download? There are five options to do so.

  • connect my phone via AUX cord to my van
  • connect my phone via Bluetooth to my van
  • burn the audio adventures to a cd and use that
  • connect my phone to a wireless speaker (although it can be hard for the hooligans in the third row to hear)
  • just play the audio through my phone – really, unless your children don’t speak – like at all –  in the car, this option won’t work, it’s just not loud enough

When to use audio stories

There are many ways to easily use audio stories in your homeschool. Here are a few we do regularly . . .

  • Instead of reading aloud – don’t think that using an audio story doesn’t count as reading aloud, because it totally does!
  • As a family devotion – if the story teaches character development or biblical principals, we listen to them during breakfast (when we do our family devotions)
  • During clean up time – if we are doing quiet chores like folding clothes, sweeping, or dusting, then it’s a great time to listen to an audio story!
  • During reading/quiet time – we have an hour of reading/quiet time each day. Sometimes we forgo the individual books and listen to an audiobook together.
  • In the car – this is probably the most common time for us to listen to an audiobook. It just works well for us.

See? There are many ways you can work audio stories into your homeschool days.

Brinkman Adventures Season 6: Underground Rising

Season six includes the following episodes . . . (the theme for each episode is in parenthesis)

  • 55 – Dutch Underground Part 1 (resisting evil)
  • 56 – Dutch Underground Part 2 (helping when it’s risky)
  • 57 – Twice Born Fly (salvation)
  • 58 – I Wonder Why? (trusting in God’s plan)
  • 59 – Free Burma Rangers Part 1 (God can use a warrior)
  • 60 – Free Burma Rangers Part 2 ( God guides even when He feels distant)

Keeping with the same theme as previous seasons, all the episodes in season six are based upon real-life missionaries and their experiences on the mission field. You can find background information, photographs, interviews, and behind the scenes information on the Brinkman Adventures website.

After listening to all the episodes, we discussed our favorite missionaries, what we thought of life in the different countries and situations would have been like, and how we’ve seen some similar themes in our own lives.

My personal favorite was both parts of the “Free Burma Rangers” stories. I’d never heard of Dave Eubank and his story. Dave struggled to do right for part of his life (as we all do), but eventually he felt God calling him and turned his life around. God called him to a very specific mission, one that has found a special place in my heart.

The girls enjoyed “I Wonder Why” the most. It’s about a family that is lead to move to India to help with an orphanage. They suffer much hopelessness, but in the end, God comes through (as He always does!) and the Gospel is accepted, a son healed of allergies, and everyone finds contentment.

We all enjoy the Brinkman Adventures. The stories are true (or at least based on truth), exciting, and family friendly. It’s a great way to teach the children about missions and that life can be very different ouside of their own home.

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