Fresh Year, Fresh Home: Deep Cleaning and Organizing to Start 2019 Right

Are you the sort of person that’s fed up of looking at their Christmas decorations as soon as boxing day is over? As nice as they are, once the festivities are done and dusted, it’s nice to clear them away and get the home really nice and sparkling clean. Here are three tasks to get done to start off your 2019 right.

Throw away or donate what you no longer need

If you were lucky enough to receive lots of nice gifts at Christmas, there might be items in your home which they’ve replaced and you no longer need. When it comes to kids clothes and toys, now is a great time to go through their older stuff and get rid of things they’ve outgrown or don’t use. With so many new things, they probably won’t notice or care! Label some big boxes ‘bin’ ‘donate’ and ‘sell’- this can make the decision-making process a lot easier when it comes to letting things go. Anything you sell can raise some extra cash which is always going to be useful at the start of the year when most of us are spent out from the festive season. If it’s been some time since you cleared out the junk from your home, it might be worth hiring a skip or using a company like instead of having to make multiple trips to the rubbish dump. You could go through your attic, basement, and garage and really clear out the clutter to make the most of this sort of service.

Find new storage solutions

Once your home has been successfully decluttered, it’s a smart move to put storage systems in place. That way, everything you have left in your life you can easily find and access when you need it. Boxes and bins can maximize your storage space. Hooks on the backs of bedroom doors can store handbags or dressing gowns, and shelves can allow you to maximize the wall space. Go through drawers, cupboards, wardrobes and more and find the best way to organize all of the items you keep inside each. There’s so much advice online and ideas to inspire you.

Have a deep clean

A new year means a fresh, new start- and so getting the house fresh and clean to start off on the best foot is no bad thing. Think of things that don’t usually get cleaned on a normal day. You could wash your curtains and any machine washable rugs, cushions and bedding. You could hire a carpet cleaner and get the whole house smelling fresh and the floors looking like new. You could dust blinds, and pull back large items of furniture and clean behind them. Open the windows and air out the entire house, thoroughly clean your bin, scrub your tiles and everything else that needs doing. It’s a big job and might take you a couple of days, but you’ll feel so much better for it.

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