Instilling a Lifelong Love of Learning in Your Children

Most parents want their children to learn and to be well educated. The best way to ensure that this happens is to instill them with a love of learning, as that will stay with them for a lifetime and they will be more likely to invest the time needed to study for a good career that will set them up for life.

Young children are inquisitive and have the instincts to explore and discover. Encouraging that is part of the key to making sure they enjoy learning from a very early age.

Create A Learning Environment

A learning environment is the first step to instilling a love of learning in any child. If you do this with them from a very early age, it will be the norm and learning will become part of that normality.

Whatever materials or resources you decide to use, learning should be structured for it to be the most effective. If they want to watch TV or something on Youtube, steer them toward education types of programs or videos. Many of these are made in such a way that they are fun for the kids while teaching them things at the same time.

When they are young their personalities are still developing, but some of them like to watch things in peace and quiet while for others it is a case of the more noise the better. You have to go along with whichever your child wants, but remember as they start to get a little older this could change every week. This does mean you have to be flexible about their learning environment, and the way in which they learn.

When they are looking through books, watching a program or a video, and inquiring mind will no doubt have questions. Always give them answers, as honestly as you can. If you do not know the answer, tell them that, and then find the answer together.

Let Them Find Their Own Way Of Learning

You will read lots of advice online about the best way to teach your children things, but no one size fits all. Each child is an individual, and they will find their own way of learning. You need to encourage them, but not force them into doing things your way, as that can do more harm than good and you could put them off learning altogether.

Sometimes, their way of learning may seem very strange to you. For instance, there are some children that will do maths very well in their head and get all the right answers, but get them to try and put it down on paper and it goes all wrong. With technology these days, the workings out that always had to be shown, are not quite so important as they will very rarely use them in the rest of their lives. If they have worked out a way of mentally getting their maths right, leave them to carry on doing it that way.

Teach By Example

Teaching by example applies to all areas of life, not just their academic life. They will eat the same foods as you in the way that you eat them, they will enjoy the same drinks, like the same TV programs and if you have a shower 10 times a day, so will they.

From an education point of view, if they see that you are looking at JCU offering online MBA and that you intend to take that course, it shows them that you are never too old to learn and that it is so good, even their parents are still doing it. Once the course starts you need to show them that you are working at it to do the best that you can, as that will encourage the same approach to any work they have to do.

The same applies to things such as using their manners. It is no good teaching them to say please and thank you; unless it is something you do yourself.

Include Their Interests

It does not matter what age someone is, if they have to learn something they will do it much better, and be more motivated to do so if it is something they are interested in. Therefore, if your child has an interest include it in anything you do with them.

If they love birds, for example, take then bird watching and then spend time looking up information on the birds they have spotted. If they love cooking, work together in the kitchen, teaching them as you go. But don’t forget to teach them how to read a recipe and how to follow instructions so what they prepare turns our well.

The skills they learn while doing things they are interested in will be transferred to anything else they have to learn and that will make the experience simpler for them, and it will be more enjoyable.

They Can Learn a Lot With Technology

As they progress through their schooling and then onto a career, technology is going to play a very big part in their lives. It already does for many of us, but as it continues to be developed there will be even more things we do with it. Most jobs will have large parts of them automated with technology, including artificial intelligence.

Even when they are young, they should learn the basics of using digital devices, and how much they can learn from some of the online educational sites. If they do not know how to use a computer, as an example, before they start being educated formally at home or school – whatever you choose for them, they could well be at a disadvantage, and it is definitely something they should learn.

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