Style Decisions That Hinder Home Sale

You’re ready to sell your home. You’ve committed to repairs, and home enhancement works to give your property a better chance on the market. As a result, you feel confident. Your kitchen looks clean and refreshed since you’ve swapped the cabinet doors – a cost-effective remodeling strategy. The bathroom is spotless, and you’ve saved yourself a ton of money by giving it a fresh coat of paint and changing the grout – it’s a lot cheaper than replacing the whole bathroom. You’ve even given the garden a lot of love and attention to make the best first impression. So why are buyers not making any offer on the property? Some of your stylish decisions might be giving them second thoughts.

The wall paint is too dark

Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint on your walls. It’s the best way to refresh your interior without undergoing extensive and painful transformations. However, you need to be careful about your choice of paint. As a rule of thumb, opting for a neutral palette can help potential buyers to appreciate the full potential of the property. Indeed, a north-facing room that would be naturally dimly lit could suffer from a dark decor choice. As a consequence, visitors might find themselves unable to develop a homely feeling as they see the room. Maximizing natural light, through windows and with the smart use of bright colors, is a no-brainer when you’re trying to sell. 

Your outdoors walls are too colorful

Can there ever be too many colors in your decor? Most potential buyers agree that a vibrant outdoor wall can be a turnoff. Indeed, if you are in the process of choosing outdoor wall panels to boost your curb appeal, it’s best to focus your attention on neutral shades. You can add a pop of color with a painted door, for instance. Painting your exterior walls in a bright color might seem like a good idea to stand out, such as this pink mansion. But it’s likely to overwhelm buyers who want to find a property they can adjust to their tastes. 

Your quirky decor disturbs the visit

The same principle applies to your interior decor. Keeping things as neutral as possible when you’re inviting visitors to see the house is the best thing you can do to boost your chances of selling at a reasonable price. Indeed, you might need to tone down your quirky interior style to help people picture themselves living in the house. In other words, vintage interiors and maximalist decors need to be toned down for the visits.

Oops, that’s rude

Do you remember that cheeky garden gnome a friend bought you when you moved in or the kitchen clock with a rude comment written on it? These items could distract your visitors. If you don’t want to cause offense, you need to hide away the tongue-in-cheek objects before the visit. While most people are like to smile and move on, some may not be able to see past the offensive item. If you don’t want to lose an opportunity to sell, make the house as welcoming as possible. 

Selling your home is very similar to speed dating at first. You need to appeal at first sign if you want potential buyers to consider making an offer. Making the best possible impression often requires you to adjust your style to allow visitors to see the full potential of your property. In short, if your decor stands out, it can disturb the initial impression. 

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