Christmas Activity Planning Sheet

December is here and Christmas fun is in full swing! This year Melk the Christmas Monkey is joining in our holiday fun. As I was planning out the activities, I thought it would also be fun to make a Christmas activity planning sheet because . . . well . .¬†. I’m just weird like that.

Anyway, like most things I make for myself, I thought you might enjoy it, too! So, here you go. I hope this simple but fun page finds itself filled with memory-making activities and in your planner or on your fridge!

Christmas Activity Planning Sheet | Holiday Planning | Calendar

What are we doing for fun this holiday season?

Nothing extravagant, that’s for sure.

In December, we like to slow down and intentionally focus on spending time together. All the goings on will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Some of our planned activities include:

  • making and sending out Christmas cards
  • watching Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa
  • family¬†caroling
  • making simple handmade decorations
  • building gingerbread houses
  • baking copious amounts of cookies and delivering them to our neighbors
  • enjoying smores and Christmas music
  • camping out under the Christmas tree

See, nothing crazy. Just good (and cheap) family fun.

What are you planning on doing this Christmas season?

Click here to get your Christmas Activity Planning Page. Happy memory making!

Christmas Activity Planning Sheet | Holiday Planning | Calendar

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