Having an at Home Relaxation Session

When it comes to unwinding and relaxing, not everyone has the time or the budget to hit the spa. It doesn’t have to be restricted to a Friday or a Saturday, it can be whatever day you need it most.

The idea that you cannot pour from an empty cup holds true, and perhaps even more true for parents. Not only are you taking care of tiny humans, but typically that comes with a house, bills, extracurricular activities, and a range of social engagements that you have to go to. 

When those days arrive, and you are just in need of some self-care, it is time to get a relaxing and calming routine in full flow. 


This might seem a little strange at first, but making sure that your space is clean and calm is going to mean you can enjoy your pamper session so much more. It might be the case that your bathroom is in need of some renovation before you can truly enjoy it. In which case, when you are thinking about the changes, you can make consider beautiful beauty light mirrors, a glass shower door, and plenty of natural light flooding in. If you keep it mostly tiles, it will be easy to clean in the future too. 


If you are going for a full pamper session, then you will be best off in a luxuriously soft dressing gown. If you just want to do mani, pedi, face, and hair, then put on your most cozy loungewear. 


We all have music that we love. Some sad songs that we can get some emotional release from listening to, other jams that we can bounce around the bathroom or bedroom. When you sing and really get into the beat or the feeling of the music, it can get rid of a lot of tension. 


If you have a specific candle that you save for special occasions (aka never light because it was too expensive), then now is the time to light it up. And enjoy the smell wafting around the room that you have chosen to relax in. 

If you don’t have and candles, you can just spritz a room spray around or one of your favorite perfumes scents. Whatever it is that makes you happy. 

Warm Drink

No, everyone loves warm drinks, but there is something so calming and relaxing about sipping tea or even a coffee if that is your thing. Peppermint or and early grey are great for your tummy and giving a zing of happy. A chai tea latte is also a bit of wonder if you really want to unwind. 


The most important part of getting some relaxation and calm is the sleep part of it. Making sure that you head to bed early. You don’t have to sleep, but it would be in your best interests to kick back and read a book, listen to a sleep story, or just lay there in silence for a little while. 

Do whatever brings you calm and peace, and fill your cup right back up. 

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