Staying Sane When You’re Trying to Conceive

When you decide that it’s time to start a family or maybe expand your family, you might envision getting pregnant as something that’s going to happen pretty quickly. After all, a lot of women manage to do it when they’re not even intending to. But the reality is that it can take a while, even if you’re both completely healthy when it comes to fertility. Unfortunately, it can take a little longer than you want it to, whether you were hoping to be pregnant within a year or in just a couple of months. So what can you do when you feel like it’s taking too long?

Try to Relax

Trying to get pregnant can be pretty fun at first. You might start by taking a pretty relaxed approach, but then start to get a bit more strict about it if things don’t work out within the timeframe you were aiming for. But stress won’t help you, and could make it less likely that you’ll get pregnant any time soon. Even though you’re desperate for something to happen, you should try to stay relaxed and not get too stressed out. Make sure you look after yourself and make time to do things you enjoy, both alone and as a couple, without mentioning the P or B words.

Don’t Put Your Life on Hold

When you’re actively trying for a baby, it can end up taking over your life. Pregnancy testing and waiting to see if your period arrives can leave you doing everything around your attempts to get pregnant. You should try not to let it dictate your schedule or have it be the only thing that you think about. Don’t let the waiting and the testing be in charge of your moods. In fact, some say that it’s best to avoid taking too many tests. Instead of constantly taking tests, wait until your period is late to take a test.

Talk About How You’re Feeling

Even if you try to stay upbeat, you can feel a lot of complicated things when getting pregnant is taking longer than you had hoped. If you want to survive it, don’t keep your feelings bottled up – and that goes for both of you. You should talk together and with other people about how you’re feeling. You will likely find that you’re not alone and that others will understand your thoughts and emotions too. You can make sure getting pregnant isn’t ruling your life but still acknowledge the difficult feelings.

See a Doctor

There might come a time when you think it’s time to see a doctor. You can both undergo fertility tests to see if there might be an issue that could be making pregnancy more difficult. There are both female and male infertility tests and treatments, so even if there is a problem, you can still discuss your options for addressing it. If it turns out that you’re both in perfect health, it can be frustrating, but it’s also a relief to know that it could just be a matter of time.

If it’s taking longer than you expected to get pregnant, don’t panic. There are lots of avenues to explore and things to consider to make your dream come true.

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