Thankful for Read Alouds in Our Homeschool

If you asked my children what their favorite thing about school is, they’d say it’s the read alouds in our homeschool. We’ve been homeschooling for eight years now, but it wasn’t until about two years ago that we became a true read aloud family.

Cultivating a read aloud culture in our homeschool has been the absolute best things I have ever done for our homeschool.

Was it easy? Nope.

Was it frustrating at times? Yep.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!

When people find out we are a read aloud family, there are three questions I get asked the most . . .

  • What do I read?
  • When do I read?
  • What do the kids do during read alouds?

Let’s take a brief look at each of those questions.

What do I read?

Anything! That’s probably not the answer you were looking for, huh? But it’s true! You can read anything aloud.

Picture books, chapter books, the newspaper, baby books, magazines, school books, catalogs . . . anything. When families are just getting started with read alouds, I always suggest reading something you enjoyed as a child.

If you were like me and didn’t grow up in a reading family, so you aren’t sure what to start with, you can find excellent read aloud suggestions online. The Read Aloud Revival and Good Reads offer great lists for different ages and stages.

Using Sonlight with Multiple Ages | large family homeschooling

When do I read?

Anytime! Yes, I know, still not what you wanted to hear, but it’s true.

Let me tell you when we read . . .

  • at breakfast time (you might as well read while they’ve got their mouths full!)
  • after breakfast (this is when we do our school read alouds)
  • while the baby naps (when we read our “just for fun” read alouds)
  • after lunch (library book read alouds)
  • at tea time (poetry read alouds)
  • after dinner (listen to an audiobook while we clean up)
  • in the car (again, the audiobook)
  • at bedtime (bedtime read alouds)

Do we read at every one of those times every day? Of course not!

But we have. . . 

For the rest of this post, join me over at Minnesota Country Girl where I have the privilege of guest posting for the 30 Days of Gratitude in the Homeschool series!

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