The Art Of Disciplining Homeschooled Children

The benefits of homeschooling are there for parents to see. From extra personal time with mom to a less stressful learning environment, studies show that kids benefit. However, it isn’t a Sunday walk in the park all of the time. Children are still resistant and will lash out, especially with their parents. It’s easier for them to do it when they are familiar with the educator. Homeschoolers must have some discipline or else the whole thing fails and the kids don’t reap the rewards. 

Here are some tricks of the trade that will help you keep order in your homeschool.

Study Up

Every teacher has gaps in their knowledge and you’re no different. Don’t let that discourage you though. You’ll learn alongside your children as they get older. However, if you’re a lifetime learner and just really want the extra letters behind your name, then perhaps the likes of an online early childhood education masters program could ease your mind. Should you go the online education classes route, you might learn how to deal with disruptive kids as well as recognize the warning signs. Of course, no matter what an online professional says, you know your child best.

Take Lots Of Breaks

Even adults struggle to maintain their concentration levels for longer than forty-five minutes. Kids, then, shouldn’t be expected to be able to keep up past thirty minutes of intense learning at a time. Thankfully, you’re a homeschooler and that means your schedule is flexible. Don’t be afraid to take frequent breaks and let the kids recharge their batteries. That way, they won’t get frustrated and angry. Alternatively, use field trips to get them out of the house and to make learning fun. 

Form A Co-op

Keeping the kids involved with their peers is a great way to break the norm. Go to the library for story time, join a sports team or the church choir. A co-op is another great option. Joining forces with another homeschool in your area gives both you and the kids a chance to make some new friends. Plus, the moms get the added benefit of sharing resources and relieving the pressure on each other’s shoulders. Find other like-minded parents and run the idea past them to get them on board.

Let Them Speak

Parents are in charge and unfortunately, all too often rule with an iron fist. Children who feel suppressed will only lash out and refuse to cooperate, which is why you need to give them space. If there is a dispute and they storm off, take a couple of minutes before you speak again. Then, let them put across their point of view so that it’s an equal conversation.

Hopefully, a mature, civil conversation should help them work through their issues.

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