4 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

Majority of homeowners choose hardwood floors because it is one of the more stylish options for interiors. And yet many take for granted the fact that compared to other flooring choices, hardwood requires special care. So every day, without you realizing it, you are actually doing something that is gradually ruining your precious floors.

Here are four things that you’re doing that may be ruining your hardwood floors and some tips on how you can better protect your floors:

Missing Mats

We’re not saying that you need to cover the entirety of your beautiful floor with mats and rugs and runners but that you need to place these where they can best help protect hardwood flooring and give it a longer life span.

Foremost is the welcome mat. Prevent bringing all the dirt and debris stuck to the bottom of your shoes from your stroll outside into your house by placing a rug right by the entryway. This implies that anyone entering your house can walk off the dirt from their footwear and therefore minimize possible elements that can ruin your floor or expose you to health risks from entering. A doormat in every entryway ensures a cleaner home and longer-lasting hardwood flooring. Adding a boot tray and smaller mats inside the doorway can encourage guests to leave their footwear at the door.

In addition to the welcome mat, make sure you protect the areas where there is a lot of traffic. Place attractive throw rugs, runners, and non-slip mats in hallways and in the living area. Make sure you have rugs in the kitchen as well, specifically ensure that a runner is by the sink to protect the wood from constant exposure to spills and accelerate water damage.

Tacked Throw Rugs

While rugs are necessary, they can also be quite inconvenient and cluttered especially when they start sliding around. This is why many tack them to the floor with double-sided tape but do resist the urge to do so. Engineered timber flooring Melbourne provider Market Timbers advises against using these tapes as they can damage the hardwood finish when you pull them off.

Also, make sure that you do not leave the rugs in a single spot for a long time since this can cause uneven coloring on your hardwood floors. The area underneath could either have a lighter or darker shade compared to the surrounding area. Such discoloration is very difficult to fix, so make sure that you frequently check on the rugs or move them around.

Too Much Water

A lot of homeowners assume that cleaning their hardwood floors with water is the right way to keep them spic and span. Unfortunately, though, hardwood responds negatively and immediately to water. While you will notice swelling and decay on the surface of the floorboards, there is also a tendency for water to seep down and result in more significant damage to the bottom of your flooring.

In lieu of a wet mop or a steam cleaner, use a thoroughly wrung out damp mop. Or, more appropriately, skip the water and clean your hardwood floors with a soft-bristled broom daily and with a vacuum weekly.

Pet Nails

We love our pets and we accept the risks associated with caring for them. These include damage endured by our hardwood floors as a result of untrimmed nails. The scratches may appear minimal at first but eventually, your floors will be ruined from all the abrasion. Be a responsible pet owner and have your groomer cut your pet’s nails and preserve the beauty of your hardwood floor.

It is important to be aware of the common mistakes that could damage your hardwood floors so you will be able to either steer clear of committing them or correct them.

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