A Large Family & A Large Home Brings Large Problems!

Having a large family is a lot of people’s dreams, and for some of you, it will have become a reality. Your perception of a large family will ultimately depend on what you think a large family means. For some, just having two children and all of your immediate family around all of the time will be the definition of a large family. But for others, a large family is a bundle of kids running around all of the time, causing absolute chaos. But that chaos is life within the home, and once you get used to the growing numbers, you fall in love with the happiness and warmth of it all. And you get used to the noise and the hassle it creates, so much so that if your kids are out even just for a day, the house feels eerily quiet.

But the rabble can also bring a whole new world of problems to try and manage, some that cause daily stress and anxiety to parents, especially when the home is large as well. So, keep on reading, and we’ll show you how you can manage some of these big problems.

The Walls Are Closing In On You

When you keep adding to your family tree, it’s so easy to feel like the walls are closing in on you. You might realize that you have the bedroom space, but what about the space around the rest of the home that they’re going to fill. Toys, clothes, food, and everything else gets piled into the home like a military operation, especially if you have three or more children. But often you’ll find that half of the items are just sitting there waiting to be used, and they don’t actually get used because you’ve bought a new version.

So, rather than wasting it and throwing it away, or leaving it lying around, you should have a look into storage units to see if you can utilize one. Having somewhere outside of your home for constant storage is so important, it gives you that space in your home that you’ve been desperate for, and it means that you don’t have to get rid of anything!

The Days Of Absolute Chaos

Chaos can descend on any home where kids are involved, but when you have a whole bunch of them to call your own, things can get really out of control. So if you don’t have one, we’d definitely recommend that you start a chore based reward system. The more the kids know they’re working towards, the more they’re going to help around the home. Not only this, but you can use a behavior chart to tie in with it. Then, at the end of the week when the weekend comes around, you can see who has got the most points, and they get to pick an activity for the weekend!

Hopefully, it will keep everyone motivated to keep their behavior under control so that you don’t feel like they’re running wild around you all of the time!

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