Don’t Stay With Me Baby: Sitter Transition Tips For Moms Having A Hard Time

Going out when you have young kids or babies in the house can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, getting dressed up and going kid-free can help you get back in touch with your pre-pregnancy self. You may even find that making an effort to go out gives you a boost of energy you’ve struggled to find for weeks now.

On the other hand, many mothers find the idea of leaving their child with a sitter so terrifying that they never get that night out after all. The fear is so strong that some mothers even prefer to take their children along when they shouldn’t or forever settle on child-friendly outings.

The trouble is that taking kids everywhere isn’t practical. As is evidenced from the staff despair outlined in the Arlington News Network about young and teen attendees, doing so isn’t even fair on staff members and other patrons in more mature establishments. Nor does it provide you with the break you so sorely need. Next time you’re in the mood for a fancy dinner or a more adult day, then, aim to do it child-free using the following pointers.

Remember that it’s never too soon

If you have a new baby at home, you may spend hours convincing yourself it’s too early to leave them alone, but you would be wrong. In fact, many would argue that leaving your baby with other people early on is the best way to jump over this obstacle with ease. That’s because an

incredibly young baby won’t yet have the ability to prefer you over, say, that babysitter. They won’t know to cry or reach out for you as you’re leaving. That can make it much easier for you to step out the door, especially when you consider that early outings like these could help to avoid separation anxiety in your child down the line. 

Always seek trusted sitters

While using a babysitter does mean leaving your child with a stranger, there are ways to ease your anxiety in that regard. For instance, using sitters which your friends have used and gotten along with saves worries about abduction or the other crazy thoughts us mothers have when apart from our bundles of joy. Even if your friends don’t have any recommendations for you, seeking sitters through trusted babysitting sites allows you to rest easy that reference checks and such have been carried out. And, that enables you to know for sure that the stranger in question can at least be trusted to do best by your little one.

Transition slowly

Last, remember that you don’t have to go out for hours on end to start. Popping out for coffee for an hour could be all it takes to get you going. This can help put your mind at ease that the sitter can cope. It also gets you used to the idea of being away from your child so that you can start considering longer outings when you’re ready.

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