Fight Off Allergies In The Home This Spring

A lot of us are looking forward to finally bidding goodbye to cold and damp days, and saying hello to warmer weather and brighter mornings as the spring rolls in. However, the spring can also bring with it something which a lot of us don’t look forward to hay fever. During the spring and the summer, pollen is rife in the air and other allergies are too. Wherever you go there is a risk of a sneezing fit and this can make life a little difficult.

However, in our homes, we can have a sense of safety from the outside and today we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do around the house this month to fight off those allergies and allow you to live your life without sneezing every 2 minutes!

Change your detergent

Allergies can come from the weirdest of sources in day to day life and one of those sources could be the tablets or powder which you use when you wash your clothes. It is super important for you if you want to prevent skin rashes and flair ups to change your detergent to one which is more sensitive without all of the harmful chemicals. This will make a huge difference for you and will allow you to wear your clothes without any irritation.

Shut the windows

If you are very sensitive to the pollen which floats around in the air, one of the things you should consider doing is shutting the windows. Although you might want to create some airflow in the home and allow the air to dry out your own during the day, it can bring the pollen in with it. It is best on high pollen days for you to keep the windows shut and this should protect you much more against the effects of it.

Change the sheets

One of the things which can be horrible for us when trying to enjoy ourselves every day is having skin which is sensitive and easily irritated. If you suffer from sensitive skin you should always consider changing your sheets in the bed to a dermatographia sheet set. The reason why you should do this is so that you can avoid any of the Fibres in your regular sheets from rubbing and irritating your skin as you try to sleep.

Clean the windows

This is one which is incredibly important and also will have an impact on anyone in the home who suffers from breathing issues such as asthma. In order to make sure that there are fewer allergens in the house, make sure to clean your windows thoroughly. This included the window pane and seals and this will ensure that no mold spores start to grow here. Mold spores can travel through the air and they will get into your lungs and cause issues. Keeping the windows dry and clean will help prevent this issue.

Vacuum the home

One of the most important things you can do if you want to keep the home tidy and clean is to vacuum it regularly. If you have kids and pets there will likely be a lot of dust and hair which builds up and this can have an impact on those of you in the family who suffer with an allergy. Make sure that you vacuum often and this will help rid the Home of these issues.

Get an air purifier

One of the things which can be a huge help for someone with hay fever is an air purifier. During the spring and summer, as we know, a lot of pollen and other things can be floating in the air. All of these things can cause issues for someone with allergies and it can make their life a little harder. An air purifier will pull all of these things out of the air and will let our fresh air instead. It can be exactly what you need on a hot and high pollen day and can make a hell of a difference to comfort in the house.

Choose the right pet

Pets are hairy. Well, a lot of them are. It is super important if you have an allergy and issues with hair that you choose a pet who is hypoallergenic. For example, if you are a dog lover, you can enjoy the company of a breed such as a cockerpoo who will not set off your allergies as other breeds might. Do some research and spend some time with a dog before you choose to bring it into the home.

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