Homeschool Home Ec: Teaching Your Children Cooking As Part Of Their Education

Homeschooling is a way of life, not just a way to teach your children certain mathematical rules that they are unlikely to use later on in life. It’s good to start with a morning routine, easing them into a history lesson, followed by English, but then lunchtime hits. So what happens? You break the routine and go back to being a parent and child. But in fact, you can use lunchtime as a very important part of your homeschooling curriculum. What’s the best way to get your children involved in cooking as part of your homeschooling day?

Getting Them To Help In The Kitchen

If you include it as part of the homeschooling curriculum, there’s not much they can do to argue with this. It’s a different thing when you are trying your best to get your child to help you out in the kitchen, but you’re all off the clock. Homeschooling means that structure needs to be a place where you are parent and teacher concurrently. Getting them to help in the kitchen is all about starting out small. But at the same time, ensuring that you show them exactly what you are doing, but also, getting them involved with little tasks can build up their confidence.

Encouraging Their Knowledge Of Diverse Foods And Customs

Food is the backbone of numerous cultures, that it gives you a perfect entryway to teach your child about other nations. Teaching them about Italian staples like pasta or pizza can link to a little history lesson of the customs in Italy. At the same time, a good old-fashioned tomahawk ribeye can be a gentle reminder of more home-grown culinary traditions. From there, you can expand their knowledge. And encourage them to make specific food choices, based on certain regions.

Setting Them A Task To Cook Something For The Family

You can put them to work, and build up their skills over time, especially when they are at home. This means that you can set them an exam of sorts. It gives you time away from the kitchen, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to see how far they have progressed. You can ask them to cook an Italian meal one day, or a vegetarian meal the next. This does wonders, in terms of teaching them about diverse ingredients but it also encourages them to use their brain a bit more. Cooking is one of those skills that can set you up for life. If your child can cook, they will never go hungry. And in this respect, part of the benefit of homeschooling is that you can teach them things that will suit them more than quadratic equations. Home economics is not one of those subjects that need to be avoided at all costs. It’s one of those skills that is for life.

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