How to Save Money on Gas

Things are tight right now and one expense that always seems to be growing is the gas we put in our cars to get back and forth. Anyone can save money on gas with a few simple tricks.

How to Save Money on Gas

A great way to save money on gas is to take advantage of use gas reward programs. many grocery stores will give you gas discounts for shopping there. Look for sales at these stores to stock up on food and save money on gas at the same time!

Get a tune-up for your car complete with new spark plugs and wires, air filter, and fuel filter to help your vehicle run better and improve your gas mileage.

A great way to reduce your gas mileage is to check your tire pressure. Tires that are too low do not run as efficacy and can reduce your gas mileage. In the winter this is a common reason for reduced gas mileage.

Use fuel additives like seafoam or fuel injector cleaner to your gasoline to help improve your overall gas mileage. This will clean your fuel injectors making them run more efficiently.

How to save money on gas

Plan your driving to reduce your gas usage. Avoid stop and go traffic including rush hour even if it means taking care of another taste after work before going home to avoid being on the road during the worst traffic.

Plan your errands together to reduce your overall travel mileage. Google maps is a great way to create a loop that will keep you on track.

Carpool with your friends or other parents in your child’s activities. This will help reduce your overall gas cost while doing the same for them. Sharing the cost can help when times are hard for everyone.

Take advantage of alternative transportation like riding your bike on a nice warm day. Skip driving to nearby stores and walk instead. Every time you skip using your car you save money on gas.

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