How to Involve Dad in Your Homeschool

How do you involve Dad in your homeschool? To be honest, for a long time, we didn’t. Both my husband and I figured it was his job to work and my job to homeschool the children. It wasn’t until a couple years ago (we’ve been homeschooling for 8 years now) that we starting getting him more involved with what we’re doing for school, especially on days he is home.

It all started when my then kindergartener asked why Daddy never helped with schoolwork. It dawned on me that there was no reason he shouldn’t be involved. So, here are a few ways we’ve discovered to involve Dad in your homeschool.

How to Involve Dad in Your Homeschool  | Homeschooling | Large Family Life

How to Involve Dad in Your Homeschool Days

As you probably already know, we are a relaxed Sonlight family. While we may have an instructor’s guide that helps us guide our days, there’s no reason Dad can’t jump in and take over some of the fun every now and then.

Dads can read aloud

Odds are, you already have a bookmark in the books you’re reading. This makes it super simple for dad to pick up a book and read the next chapter or two.

And don’t think that Dad has to read your curriculum books. He can read books from the library. Heck, can even take the kids to the library for a few hours. That counts as school too!

Dads can listen, too

We all know that reading is a two-way street. It’s imperative that our children be read to. However, it’s also super important that reading children have the opportunity to read daily.

What better way for your children to show off their reading skills than reading to their Daddy? And of course, it doesn’t hurt that their reading demonstrates your teaching abilities, right?

Let Dad take over for the day

He doesn’t have to know the ins and outs of your box curriculum for him to substitute teach for a day. If he can follow instructions on a worksheet, read aloud, and be read to, then he’ll do great!

Plus, he’ll probably find some way of making things more fun. That’s just what dads do.

Woodworking or shop class

Don’t limit him by only letting him follow your school schedule. Dads can teach so much more than your best-laid plans. They work on cars! They build, create, and destroy!

Let the kids spend some time in the garage with Dad. Let them get dirty and take things apart.

Handy work around the house

If your husband has a honey-do list, let the kids shadow him around and help fix things. Kids love taking a trip to the hardware store with their Dad.

If you have boys, this is especially important because one day they’ll be the Dad and where else are they going to learn?

Science is more fun with Dad

Let’s face it. Dads are just more fun than moms, or at least that’s the general consensus. Science is a great subject to outsource to Dad. Whether it’s doing experiments you planned ahead or he and the kids looking up something cool on YouTube, science is more fun with Dad.

Involving Dad in your homeschool may not be something you’re used to, but give it a try! It will give you a break from school and help build the bond between your husband and your children. So really, what’s to lose?

How do you involve your husband in your homeschool?

How to Involve Dad in Your Homeschool  | Homeschooling | Large Family Life

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