Making Your Family Home The Best Place To Be

Your family home is exactly that, a family home, somewhere for all the family. So it has to incorporate everyone’s needs and be somewhere where everyone can feel at home. Your family will grow, and people will have different needs at different stages of their lives while living in your family home, so your home needs to be somewhere that can be flexible and adapt to all these situations. 

Start With The Layout

If you are building a new house or renovating, the layout of your house is key. If you have younger children, then you need to be with them a lot of the time, but you also need to be able to go about your day and perform normal activities such as cooking the dinner. As your children get older, it’s nice to be able to keep an eye on them when they are playing in the garden while you’re in the kitchen or living room. So having a living space with a layout that means you can keep an eye on the kids playing while you watch TV, do some work or make the dinner is ideal. 

Decent And Dedicated Storage Space

When you have kids, what comes with them is a lot of stuff so its important to have dedicated storage in your family home. You could have both built-in storage and dedicated storage rooms such as a utility room and a garage. A utility room is essential with a family anyway as you are likely to be washing and drying clothes every day. Dedicated storage is a very good idea for keeping a family home clutter-free. You can use a garage for your car of course but if you use it wisely you can keep all sorts of other things in there too, just make sure you have good, secure garage doors.  

Adult Space Is Important Too

It’s important to have somewhere that you can escape to as well. While the kids go off to their rooms, as parents, you need to treat yourself to an area where you can go such as a snug lounge, somewhere cozy to go to when the kids have gone to bed. With plush furnishings, dark walls, and a large inglenook with wood burner make this adult snug feel cozy. A dedicated lounge for you and your partner should be somewhere calming, somewhere cozy and with relatively low levels of natural light.

Studies and Playrooms are Essential

A dedicated playroom is a great idea for a family home and the ideal place for keeping all the kids’ toys. If you have room for a study as well, then this is great, if not you might need a room that can serve both purposes, somewhere that as the kids go through school, they have a dedicated space for homework in a family home. 

Bedrooms For Everyone

Children’s bedrooms should be fun, somewhere personal and somewhere the kids want to be and want to play in. For the early years, then children’s bedrooms should be near to your bedroom for feeds and supervision but as they get older and into their school and teenage years, you will probably want to move them further away as they will want their own space and will likely be noisier with their friends or practicing their musical instruments. 

Bathrooms Should Be Suitable for the Whole Family

Family bathrooms should contain plenty of storage, so they’re not cluttered with everyone’s bits and bobs. They should also have practical flooring, which is slip-resistant but able to withstand lots of puddles of water, underfloor heating can be useful for ensuring splashes and spills dry quickly and, ideally both a shower and bath.

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