The Key Facts: What To Do If You Get Locked Out

Losing your keys can send you into a real panic. If you get locked out of your house, or even your car, it can make for a very stressful time. You will want to get into your place of safety, and you may worry that you could be left on your porch for hours on end. 

You may have just walked out of your front door, and pulled it shut behind you, locking it as you do so. Then disaster strikes, you realize that your keys are still on the hook inside your home. The panic that this causes can be massive. 

But fear not, there is help at hand. You need to hop onto Google and search ‘locksmith near me.’ You should find that you get help out to you pretty quickly. Most companies offer a twenty-four-hour call out service, so even in the dead of night, you can still get let back in. 

If you have lost your keys entirely, your locksmith should be able to make you a new set from your existing lock. However, you may decide for security reasons, that you may want to change the barrel of the lock so that anyone who finds your keys cannot get in. 

Your home is not the only place that you may need a locksmiths help. Another very upsetting experience can be losing your car keys. When this happens, you will no doubt worry about someone finding them, and then helping themselves to your car. 

Call someone out straight away. A licensed locksmith will have access to master keys for most makes and models, and they will be able to get into your vehicle and set you up a new key. They will also reprogram the lock on your car so that it does not recognize the old key. That way, you won’t be at risk from having it stolen. 

Another key related problem you may run into when you own a car is getting your keys locked in the ignition. This is particularly common during the winter months when many motorists will start their engine to thaw the ice on the car. Then, they will leave the car running while they scrape ice and snow off the windshield and hood. If the car door closes and locks shut, you will be locked out, while your car burns through your fuel tank. 

You can either call a breakdown firm, your insurance company, or a locksmith in this instance. They will be able to prize the door open enough with a wedge; after this, they will have access to the mechanism that can unlock the door. This will not cause damage to your car. It is recommended that you use a professional service to do this, as trying to do so yourself, could result in you breaking your car door. 

At other times, your car lock may get jammed, and you will be unable to turn the key. In this instance, your reaction may be to try to force the lock, or to use an oil such as WD40 on the locking mechanism to free it up. Avoid doing either of these things as your key may snap, and the oil can cause your lock to get even more bunged up. A professional will be able to sort your lock in minutes, so hang tight and wait for them to arrive.

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