Things To Know Before Moving To Brisbane

If you are planning to move to Brisbane sometime soon, there are some things that you will need to research before your move which will help to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. Below are some of the main points that you will need to consider to help you put together your own checklist of things that you need to know.


Whether you are looking to rent or buy a home in Brisbane, the prices are much lower than other Australian cities, and the further out of town that you live, the cheaper the rent is. If you have transport, you may wish to consider moving a little further out to save some money and live in a pleasant neighborhood. To get an idea of the local property prices there are lots of websites offering this kind of information, particularly on rental and purchase property prices.

Moving There

If you do not have a lot of possessions to move, you can rent a trailer and drive it yourself. However, if you have more than what will fit in a small trailer, it may beĀ worth the time and effort that you use a professional removal service, especially if moving over a long distance. You find that some of the most trustworthy and reliable removalists in Brisbane are from Vic Palmer Removals & Storage, who will provide a free, no obligation quote for your move.

Local Markets And Shops

You will also want to orient yourself with the local area that you are looking to move to so that you know the best places to do your shopping. An excellent way to help get to know your new living location is to look at it using Google Street View, which gives you a first-hand view of the area. Drag the little orange figure in the bottom right of the screen to the street you want to view, and you will get a 360-degree view of the area. You can plan the school run or route to work making the first days commute much simpler.


If you won’t be homeschooling, you will also need to look at the local schooling for your children and pick a house which is easy to get to every day. With a little research, you will be able to look at all of the schools in the area of your prospective home, to help you avoid making any bad decisions. There is a wealth of information freely available online that will help you to investigate any potential schools and also determine questions to ask when you visit with your child.

Green Open Areas

It is also nice to make sure that you live a close distance to some green areas and open spaces. Large green and public areas are suitable for adults, pets, as well as children, who will love to play outside and enjoy sports of many different varieties. A search of the local council’s website should show all of the various local amenities that are available closest to your new home. With enough research, you will feel like home before you even move there!

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