5 Ways To Stay Safe At College

It’s an unfortunate fact that while college is one of the most life-affirming experiences one can have, it’s also not always safe. Twenty million students in the US will head to college in the fall, and even college isn’t immune to theft and other types of crime. It’s in the nature of some to break the rules, so while you endeavor to keep the rules as intact as possible, you must do everything possible to remain safe and sound while you are on campus.

With that in mind, you need to consider how you can do your best to prepare yourself for a safe and happy college experience. Let’s take a look at five ways that you can do just that!

Know Your Safety Spots

Every single college campus has a safety officer, and the best thing that you can do is locate this resource and make sure that you use its services. There should be information on your college website as to where it’s located and when you arrive, check out what safety services your college offers. This can include emergency phone stations, escort services on campus, and safety maps.

Just Say No

There is no secret that college is about experimenting, but that doesn’t mean that you HAVE to indulge. It’s essential to ask your college about substance-free dorms if you are not comfortable being around anyone experimenting. If you notice drugs on campus, be sure to report it so that you can remain as safe as possible where you are studying to further your life.

Be Proactive

It’s always easy to tell someone to protect themselvesĀ  – they’ll listen. It’s much harder to get through to someone who wants to commit a crime. Sure, people should just stop intimidating others and committing crimes – but that’s not as simple to get across, unfortunately! So, you

need to be vigilant but don’t allow the threat of anyone else on your safety to rule your life. Use apps like this to ensure that you are walking safely at night and arm yourself with pepper spray if you feel it’s necessary.

Lock Your Doors

This ain’t the suburbs, honey! You need to shut that door, lock it behind you and check it’s closed. Locked doors are far more likely to deter a potential intruder than an open one, and you can hide your valuables in a safe if you have the cash.

Don’t Broadcast

Life revolves around social media, and we get that. The problem is that social media can be the very thing that gets you into a bother. Don’t geotag your location or your photos as it will tell people where you are- which is something you should try to avoid. Review your settings and make sure that your social media is as private as possible so that only your friends and family know where you are!

Knowing about safety can be the difference between life and death in some cases, and if you are careful, you’ll have an enjoyable college experience no matter what.

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