A Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Keeping Meals Simple

As a homeschooling mom, there are likely two things that dominate your time . . . homeschooling the kids and time in the kitchen. Educating your children is a wonderful experience and very worthy of your time. What if you could spend more time with them, and less time in the kitchen? You can, and it all starts with keeping meals simple.


Here are five tried and true tips for keeping meals simple, and you out of the kitchen.


Preparing ahead is the number one way to stay ahead of the game. Take a look at your calendar each night after supper. If you know you’re going to the park tomorrow, pack the lunch tonight.

Or, if you know you’ll be out of the house most of the day, throw together a slow cooker meal and set the crock in the fridge overnight. That way, you just have to put it in the shell and turn it on in the morning.

Another great way to prepare ahead is to do an overnight breakfast, like egg casserole, baked french toast, or oatmeal.


Having a meal plan will save you time, money and frustration. To plan your meals, simply take inventory of what you already have, and then see what you can add to that to make meals. This way you’re not buying extra or letting food go bad.

Keep a menu posted in the kitchen. Having a menu will remind you to take protein from the freezer and it will keep the “what’s for dinner??” questions to a minimum.

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Homeschool Mom's Guide to Keeping Meals Siimole

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