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There is nothing nicer than barbecues with friends, sipping cocktails, and watching your children play with their toys outside. Thankfully there is a solution that will not only keep you warm during the months to come but will also make your outside space look a lot more stylish as well.

A lot of the time the problem occurs when you invite your friends round for a barbecue and then the sun starts to fade as the late afternoon begins to dawn. Do you really want to move your party inside? Well, you don’t have to. A patio gas heater can keep you and your guests warm all day and night long, ensuring that no summer plans get spoilt by the typical weather. All you need to buy is the heater itself and a patio gas cylinder too.

Whilst a patio heater is great for bringing warmth to your outside space, it can also add a lot of style to your garden as well. There are lots of fashionable and beautifully designed patio heaters, meaning that you can upgrade your home decor. All you need is a retractable awning so you have shade for the summer, and then a heater for warmth during the winter. Every home needs addition of style now and again. A patio heater can become a statement piece if you go for one of the stunning designs.

As gas patio heaters are large in size they can be very domineering and eye-catching. But a lot of people do not see them as a style piece because they automatically assume all patio heaters have the following design; a wide base for the gas cylinder at the bottom, a thin pole, and then a cap at the top projecting the heat. If you take a look on the internet you will see that there are many more options and they are a lot trendier too.

One of the most well-loved options at present is the patio heaters that look like an oversized lantern. These are really interesting and intriguing in style. They have a very vintage feel to them and look great in gardens that are quaint and picturesque. You can really upgrade your decor in your patio area via adding a lantern style patio heater, antique pale-colored chairs and/or sofas featuring intricate floral designs, and an old school farmer poster. 

If you want to go down the modern route then you can opt for a very striking and straight-edged garden patio heater. Contemporary style revolves around minimalistic designs used to create a dramatic impact. There are patio heaters that are like big pyramids; starting off big at the bottom and getting smaller towards the top. There are no elaborate details, yet the sheer domination of the shape causes the attraction. Finish off the patio decor with plush sofas – wrought iron sofas with soft fabric padding works well. Then add a pop of color and personality with the cushions you use. 

To ensure you make the most of summer this year buy a patio heater. Not only will you be able to keep warm and keep the party going all night, but you will be able to add heaps of style to your garden. It is always nice to upgrade your home decor before the summer arrives.

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