12 Ways To Improve Your Garden

Does your outdoor space need an extra something special? Have you known that an improvement or two is required, but haven’t been sure where to start? Then this piece should be beneficial for you. Here are 12 fantastic ways to improve your garden in some way – be it practically, in terms of aesthetics, or even something a little more indulgent… 

Add natural fragrance

Everyone loves a beautiful fragrance, and you can bring this enjoyment into your naturally with a few particular inclusions in your garden. There’s a great guide to the most fragrant flower options at balconygardenweb.com, and you can also plant herbs such as lavender, lemongrass, and basil (as pictured) to really boost the aroma of your outdoor space. 

Power wash your patio and/or decking

A practical improvement that you can achieve in an afternoon, power washing can return key features of your home garden to good-as-new status – and it’s incredibly satisfying to do. You can buy or hire a power washer and then remove moss, mud, and any other debris from your patio or decking; the improvement is instantaneous and will give your entire garden a lift. 

Build a windbreak

A howl of wind is rarely a welcome presence in any garden. Not only are windy conditions unpleasant for anyone who is trying to sit outside and relax – especially given windburn is as real an issue as sunburn can be – the wind can also knock over furniture, decorations, and even damage plants. Installing a windbreak using fencing, sturdy shrubs, or even trees into your garden is a great way to protect humans and garden items alike.

Include a spa feature

Outdoor space does not necessarily need to be used for growing plants or reserved for a lawn; you can also create your own mini-spa by reading through building your own sauna, or you could read through the information on poolhottubs.com if you’d prefer a hot tub or pool. Whichever you choose, your garden will instantly be improved by the presence of these kinds of features, and you’ll have somewhere amazing to kick back and relax after a long day. 

Create some shade

Shade will always be welcome in a garden, especially during the summer months when the sun is high – and oh so hot – in the sky. By far the simplest way to create extra shade is to plant trees; read through arbordayblog.org for a list of tree varieties that are particularly suited to this purpose. Alternatively, you could add a pergola or gazebo to your garden; these structures provide easy access to shade that can ensure your comfort even on the warmest of days.

Decorate a blank wall

Most gardens have at least some wall space waiting to be decorated; be it the wall of a property, an outbuilding, or even part of the perimeter boundary. Any blank wall is definitely worth sprucing up: you could paint an outdoor mural, add metal wall art, or even attach hooks to hang small plant pots from – whatever you think looks best. 

Lay a gravel path

There’s a lot of different options for creating a walkway in a garden: stepping stones, concrete slabs, decking, and many more besides. However, gravel is one of the simplest – yet nevertheless highly effective – options that can add extra color and intrigue to your outdoor space. Once you have chosen from the many different types of gravel, you’ll be able to lay a path that can achieve an instant garden improvement that is surprisingly simple to complete.

Grow fruit and vegetables in hanging baskets

This option is a double-improvement. Firstly, there are the aesthetic benefits: hanging baskets are incredibly and effortlessly charming, so definitely justify their inclusion in any space. Secondly, there’s the fact that you’ll be growing your own produce, which is endlessly rewarding and enjoyable. There are plenty of different plants that can really flourish in hanging baskets; strawberries are perhaps the prettiest (especially alpine strawberries), but tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot, peppers, and chilies can also work incredibly well. 

Plant flowers that attract bees

Over recent years, the importance of bees to the world has become more and more well-known, which in turn has led to more and more gardeners seeking to encourage these incredible and hard-working insects to visit their garden. If you’d like to do the same, choose flowers that are known to be attractive to bees: allium bulbs, geraniums, purple toadflax, lupins, and crocuses (pictured above) are all excellent choices. 

Paint your own terracotta pots

Terracotta pots are a great addition to any garden on their own, but adding a layer of paint is a great way to give each pot its own unique personality, and it’s a great activity to share with your kids. It’s usually best to use water-based acrylic paint in order to get the best results. 

Erect an arbor for climbing plants

To give your garden a touch of old-fashioned charm, the addition of an arbor – an archway that can be placed anywhere to create a framework for climbing plants – will always be a strong choice thanks to the combination of beauty and efficiency. You can use any kind of climbing plant to decorate your arbor, with rambling roses and American honeysuckles particular favorites that are sure to look the part. 

Install a smart irrigation system

Unlike conventional timer-based irrigation methods, smart irrigation systems are designed to monitor garden soil hydration levels constantly, then respond appropriately if extra moisture is required. As a result, smart irrigation systems are perhaps the most reliable way of ensuring that the plants and shrubs in your garden will always receive the nourishment they need, making them a great, peace-of-mind-guaranteeing inclusion in your garden. 

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