Large Family Christmas Traditions (+ Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Activity!)

Can it really be nearly Christmas already? Every year we say it . . . this year has flown by!  As a large family mama, I’m always looking for large family Christmas traditions that won’t break the bank or make me lose my mind.

Large Family Christmas Traditions That Won’t Break the Bank

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year when families gather and memories are made.

Whether you already have a few family traditions and are looking for a couple new ideas or are looking at implementing some traditions for the very first time, you’re sure to find something that fits your family. The traditions listed here can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.

Large Family Christmas Traditions that won't break the bank. Frugal Living | Large Family Life

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Christmas Tree Hunting

Tree hunting is a simple and fun way to start the Christmas season. Each year we bundle everyone up and visit a local Christmas tree nursery. When we get home we have hot chocolate and put some homemade cinnamon rolls in the oven.

Decorating the Tree

After getting the tree, we wait a couple days to actually decorate it. The tree is primarily covered in homemade decorations that were made over the years. I used to buy actual decorations but realized a few kids in that it’s futile to think you can have a “nice” tree with little ones around.

Making Homemade Decorations

We’ve made sooo many homemade decorations and ornaments over the years. I have a Pinterest board with many of the resources we’ve used. In the past, I’ve made a Christmas countdown calendar and put the different activities on there.

Making Cookies to Share with Neighbors and Friends

Christmas cookies are one of our favorite things to make. We dedicate a couple of days to buying the ingredients and making all the goodies. Then we get boxes from the Dollar Tree, fill them with sugary goodness, and deliver them to our neighbors and a few friends.

Of all our Christmas traditions, this one is the kids’ favorite . . . it might be mine also.

Reading Christmas Books

Getting copious amounts of Christmas books from the library is also something we do each year. Of course, we have to check them out mid-November or else there aren’t any left when we go to get them!

These 40-50 books we spread out over the month. We grab favorites like The Polar Express and Jan Brett’s The Wild Christmas Reindeer, and also lots of new ones we haven’t read before.

A Few of Our Favorite Christmas Books

Learning About Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World by Katie Hornor is my absolute favorite Christmas book to help widen the kids’ worldview. Learning about different countries and the kids within them lets my own children know the world is much bigger than them. Plus, it’s a ton of fun, too.

Community Service Project

Some years we visit a local nursing home. We’ve also helped make meals for others in need, filled boxes for Operation Christmas Child, or helped out at church for different events. No matter what it is, helping others at this time of year seems to be extra special.

People need a little extra love around the holidays, especially those without family. Teaching the children to care for and serve others is something I wholehearted believe in.

Reading the Christmas Story in the Bible

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but I’ll admit, there have been years when it was overlooked. Reading the Christmas Story in the Bible is something we do on Christmas Eve as a family. We gather together while I read the story of Christ’s birth (my husband always works Christmas Eve) and talk about things we’re thankful for.

It’s a simple thing, but hopefully a tradition my children carry on with their own children someday.

Watching Christmas Movies

Watching Christmas movies with a huge bowl of popcorn (sometimes mixed with candy or drizzled with chocolate) is an easy, frugal tradition we’ve been doing for years. We write down everything we want to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime and make our way down the list.

Do a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Take some time to do a Christmas scavenger hunt! These are great to do out and about with all the stores having their Christmas displays out. Or take a family walk around the neighborhood and see how many you can cross off. If you take a walk, be sure to throw some hot chocolate ingredients in the slow cooker before you head out! That way it will be nice and warm when you get back!


Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt

What are some of your favorite family Christmas traditions?

6 thoughts on “Large Family Christmas Traditions (+ Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Activity!)”

  1. Growing up, our family tradition was to make cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning, instead of getting up and opening gifts, we loaded up and delivered them to friends and neighbors, along with caroling. It was so fun to bring joy to others, and started the day in such a sweet way.

  2. 500 would bless us so much we are a low income family and my husband dose not make much money I would be able to get my 4 boys something good for Christmas

  3. One of our family tradition is going to nursing homes and singing, Now don’t ask me to sing, I only sound good with others LOLLL but what I do love is having everyone there and seeing others smile.


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