Make Ahead Meal Prep | Getting a Jump on the Week by Planning Ahead (Freezer Cooking Friday 11-22-19)

Most Fridays, I spend the whole day in my kitchen. As soon as I wake up, I get the coffee going, pull my hair up, strap on my apron, and get cooking. Fridays are for make ahead meal prep in our home. We (the kids join in after they’ve had breakfast) focus on making meals and snacks for the up coming couple of weeks.

As any homeschool mama knows, the more we can get done ahead of time, the better.


Freezer Cooking Friday Make Ahead Meal Prep

Yesterday we made . . . 

  • 4 pizzas
  • 4 pans of cinnamon rolls
  • 9 make ahead dinners
  • 2 dozen pumpkin spice muffins
  • 26 waffles
  • smoothie packs for the freezer
  • cooked sausage links
  • a cranberry wassail (not for the future, we were craving something warm to enjoy for movie night)

These cinnamon rolls were so delicious and fluffy! Normally, I freezer the cinnamon rolls before I bake or ice them, but I read an article the other that said you can freeze them baked and iced! So, I’m giving it a go.

I found these containers at the Dollar Tree on Thursday. They’re microwave AND freezer safe! But, you know what makes them really awesome?? They’re the perfect size to freeze meals in, thaw enough to get the food to plop out, and put in my instant pot!

So, I piled the goods in the bowls, gave them a stir, and stacked them up.

I froze them with a mixture of wrapping. Some only have their lids. Some have a layer of plastic wrap under the lid, and others have a layer of plastic wrap directly on the food as well as under the lid. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Freezer Cooking Friday Make Ahead Meal Prep

This morning we had some of our waffles (blueberry and plain) with pineapple and whipped cream. Did you know that whipped cream (even the store-bought kind) has WAY less sugar than syrup? It’s true.

See my last Freezer Cooking Friday post here.

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