21 Things You Should Make From Scratch

21 Things You Should Make from Scratch

Making things from scratch saves so much money! I have been making these 21 things (plus many more) from scratch for a long time. Sure, it may take a little longer than just picking up a container from the store, but the taste and satisfaction

Basic Muffin Mix (Super Simple & Freezer Friendly)

Basic Muffin Mix

I keep this basic muffin mix on hand all the time. Having this ready makes muffins a quick snack or breakfast to throw together when the craving hits. *This post contains affiliate links. To read my full disclosure, click here.* Basic Muffin Mix In a

Super Simple Tortilla Pizzas

tortilla pizzs

  Tortilla pizzas are one of the simplest, quickest lunches we do around here. During my recent pantry cooking week, there were days when I had to get super creative. Thankfully, I had some staples still on hand that allowed me to make one of

Freezer Cooking Made Easy by MyFreezEasy (Review)

I have been freezer cooking for years. I’ve tried all kinds of “plans”, and read more cookbooks than I can say. I have purchased many subscriptions, books, and templates to help me make the process more efficient. Honestly, I thought I had seen it all.