Super Simple Tortilla Pizzas

tortilla pizzs

  Tortilla pizzas are one of the simplest, quickest lunches we do around here. During my recent pantry cooking week, there were days when I had to get super creative. Thankfully, I had some staples still on hand that allowed me to make one of the kids’ favorite lunches, tortilla pizzas. The kids especially like to help with these. I like to think they are so eager to help because they like helping mommy. But

Freezer Cooking Made Easy by MyFreezEasy (Review)

I have been freezer cooking for years. I’ve tried all kinds of “plans”, and read more cookbooks than I can say. I have purchased many subscriptions, books, and templates to help me make the process more efficient. Honestly, I thought I had seen it all. That is, until I found MyFreezEasy. We were given the Freezer Meal Plan Membership for review. Freezer Cooking Made Easy by MyFreezEasy MyFreezEasy makes freezer cooking, well, easy! You pick which meals

5 Budget-Friendly Spaghetti Meals (Freezer-Friendly Too!)

5 Budget Friendly Spaghetti Meals

  Supper happens every night. I know this. Why then, on rare occasion, do I forget that my family will need supper until it’s nearly supper time?? Granted, this doesn’t happen too terribly often (thankfully), but it does happen. Most of the time I know what we are having for supper. I simply check my meal plan or (on slightly less prepared weeks) scan the freezer to pull out a frozen meal for supper. In

Fresh Cranberry-Peach Relish

Do you ever just throw stuff together that sounds pretty good, based on something you have done in the past? Yea, me too and that is where this particular dish came from one evening. We needed to go to the grocery store but I wasn’t doing it that night. I had fresh peaches that were just about to go bad and a bag of frozen whole cranberries. So, I threw them together on the stove

Biscuits for lunch

So, I’m 13 weeks pregnant and the cravings have officially set in. The other day it was tacos and carrot cake. Today. . . it was biscuits. I’ve recently stumbled upon The Cafe Sucre Farine. I’ve already made the Italian Meatballs and  the Best Ever Marinara Sauce which were both incredible. I made the delicious combo last night for supper. Just thinking about them now makes me want to go heat up the leftovers. After perusing