Top 10 Finds In 2017 – 10 Things I Didn’t Know I Needed In My Life

Top 10 Finds

  So, it’s December. Doesn’t that just blow you away? How is it already December!?!?! And to top it off, Christmas is less than a week away! For me, the year kinda ends at Christmas. We don’t do much for New Years. Okay, we don’t do anything at all for New Years, except buy new calendars. We do take Christmas through the first of the year off of school as our break week each year.

Pantry Cooking Day 3 PB Toast, More Beans, and Chicken Alfredo

We made it through Day 3 of pantry cooking week!

  Just finding my pantry cooking week? Don’t miss Day 1 and Day 2! Today started off a bit rough. I planned on just doing blueberry oats again, but that wasn’t happening. The children nearly started a coup, but after some negotiations, we settled on peanut butter toast. Win-win. They didn’t have to eat oats again (not their favorite thing) and we managed to have a somewhat nutritious breakfast. For lunch, we were able to do

Clean Cleaning: How To Make Your Own Homemade, Non-Toxic Cleaners

Clean Cleaning: How To Make Your Own Homemade, Non-Toxic Cleaners

When creating my list of possible topics to include in my ABCs of Frugal Living Series, some letters were harder to fill than others. However, I knew what “C” would be immediately. I have been an enthusiastic user of natural cleaning products for years. Since seeing Chemerical many years ago on Netflix, and more recently, The Human Experiment, I rid my home of toxic chemicals. I  have been making my own homemade, non-toxic cleaners ever since.  

How To Save Money On Baby Items {ABCs of Frugal Living}

Save Money On Baby Necessities

I recently read that the average American parent spends $12,000 on baby needs in the first year of life.  WHAT???? I’ve had six children and I guarantee you I haven’t spent anywhere near that on all of their first years combined. I admit that I haven’t always been as frugal as I am now, but wow, $12,000? That’s nuts. After reading that staggering statistic, I thought it necessary to show that it can be done

Save Money On Family Vacations (And Everyday Purchases) With Groupon Coupons

Save big with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. As frugal as I am, in general, I’m not a coupon lady. Unfortunately, the foods that I regularly purchase (produce, grains, meat) just don’t have coupons. However, when we go on a family trip, like the upcoming homeschool convention in Ohio(woo-hoo!), my first stop is Groupon Coupons. Hotwire, Priceline, and Expedia are ready with coupon codes (up to 60% off!) to save some big bucks our