How to Make a Meal Plan

How to make a meal plan in four easy steps feat

  I have been making a meal plan for years. I feel so completely lost when I go to the store without a list and a plan. I’ve been using this same four-step formula for making my meal plan for years. How to Make a Meal Plan – Four Easy Steps Check your calendar As simple as it sounds, this is where I always begin. There are some things that happen every week, like church on

Large Family Meal Planning on a Budget (Feeding 8 people on $150/week) With a Sample Menu

Large Family Meal Planning on a Budget (Feeding 8 people on $150/week) With a Sample Menu

  We are a family of eight. This includes me, my husband, and our six children – Oscar (18-year-old who comes home from college on the weekends), Julia (15), Max (7), Caroline (6), Louisa (3), and Isaac (1). It’s no surprise that my big kids eat like adults. Thankfully, the other four eat like normal kids. Over the years, I have nearly perfected the skill of large family meal planning on a budget. My husband gives

2018 Biblical Calendar from GrapeVine Studies (20% off through January 14th)

  Grapevine Studies has created a unique calendar combining our modern calendar with the biblical calendar. With this calendar, you have the opportunity to learn the names and pronunciations of the biblical months. Each day contains the Gregorian date along with the biblical date. Within the months you’ll find biblical references, Christian tradition, and Jewish historical events that have been stick figured onto the calendar. Wall Calendar The calendar can be hung on the wall

Top 10 Finds In 2017 – 10 Things I Didn’t Know I Needed In My Life

Top 10 Finds

  So, it’s December. Doesn’t that just blow you away? How is it already December!?!?! And to top it off, Christmas is less than a week away! For me, the year kinda ends at Christmas. We don’t do much for New Years. Okay, we don’t do anything at all for New Years, except buy new calendars. We do take Christmas through the first of the year off of school as our break week each year.

Treating Colds Naturally

Treating Colds Naturally

  It is cold and flu season around here you guys! If you’ve got a large family, you know how that goes . . . it spreads to everyone!! Last night Max came to me saying he was having a hard time breathing through his nose. Not 10 minutes later, Louisa came into the kitchen coughing and was closely followed by Isaac who had snot running down his face! What on earth? They were fine until