3 Steps to Create New Habits

2 Steps to Create New Habits

  Are you a naturally disciplined person? I’m not. I’d rather sit in my recliner, reading a book, and drinking coffee than just about anything else. I’m naturally lazy. I procrastinate. I delegate (the real reason I teach my children chores at a young age). If it weren’t for God’s command to honor my husband, and therefore keep the house clean and kids happy, I would hang out in my pajamas all day and do

When Life Just Doesn’t Go Your (My) Way

  Today is Friday- the last day of our week. Monday through Thursday we tend to stay home and not leave the house much, other than the kids’ Tuesday night art class. Friday is our make up day for school work and any household chores we didn’t get done during the school week. It’s also the day I schedule field trips, appointments, and other things of that nature. And usually, Saturday is a prep day-

Apple and Peach Picking!

  When we moved to our home two years ago, one of the big perks of the property were the mature fruit trees. Last year we didn’t get any fruit at all. We kept an eye on it to see when it would ripen (we had NO idea), but we missed the mark by a matter of hours. Seriously. We went out one evening and saw that things were ready to pick and decided to start

Pantry Cooking Day 3 PB Toast, More Beans, and Chicken Alfredo

We made it through Day 3 of pantry cooking week!

  Just finding my pantry cooking week? Don’t miss Day 1 and Day 2! Today started off a bit rough. I planned on just doing blueberry oats again, but that wasn’t happening. The children nearly started a coup, but after some negotiations, we settled on peanut butter toast. Win-win. They didn’t have to eat oats again (not their favorite thing) and we managed to have a somewhat nutritious breakfast. For lunch, we were able to do

Pantry Cooking Day 2 Oatmeal, Tortilla Pizza, and Burritos

  Don’t miss Day 1 of my pantry cooking week and the video tour of my fridge, freezer, and pantry! Admittingly, it is only Day 2, but  . . . so far so good!! This morning we had oats on the stove with some frozen blueberries and brown sugar. For lunch, we had tortilla pizzas. And for supper, we’ll be having burritos. I put a bag of pintos in the crock last night so they could