How I Organize Our Daily Curriculum with the School Cart

How I organize our daily curriculum with the school cart

  Over the years I have tried many different methods to organize daily curriculum. We’ve used baskets, shelves, tubs, even a dish drainer! About eight months ago, Aldi had these amazing carts for $25. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to buy one ($25 is a bit steep for me) and passed them up the first couple of times I saw them. But I just couldn’t shake the thought that it would be great to

How to Make Homeschooling a Lifestyle

  It took me five years to figure out how to make homeschooling a lifestyle. Our first couple of years were essentially spent doing school at home instead of homeschooling. I let a combination of what other people did and what I remembered from public school rule our days. You’d be correct in assuming that no one was overly excited about our school days. Thankfully, I realized the error of my ways and after a

Art History Disguised As Fun with ArtK12

Art History Disguised as Fun with ArtK12

  Finding an art history program suitable for elementary age children can be difficult. Often, when it comes to art history, the curriculum is stuffy, wordy, and altogether boring for little ones. Now, I’m not talking about art appreciation, that is something entirely different and is easily done at any age. I am strictly referring to art history, more specifically, American Art History. For review, we received the American Art History: Semester 1 Book Bundle,

Magic Stix – Washable markers that won’t dry out!

magic stix

  I kid you not when I tell you that my finding uncapped markers around the house is literally a daily occurrence. My youngest girls, ages 3 and 5, have this incessant need to color/draw/write in pretty colors every. single. day. Are they budding artists? Maybe. Are their creations fridge worthy? Most of the time. Am I spending a small fortune on markers? YES. I have resorted to buying our markers at Dollar Tree because

Characters in Crisis Literature Study with Sharon Watson (Review)

illuminating literature

  Writing with Sharon Watson products are no stranger in our home. Lately, we’ve been using Illuminating Literature: Characters in Crisis. This literature study program is for students in 9th – 12th grade and is written from a Christian worldview. It can be used in any high school year, as can the original volume, When Worlds Collide. Thankfully, the courses are not sequential and can be used in any order. We received a physical set of the books.