Anatomy & Physiology for Elementary Students with Apologia

Apologia Human Anatomy and Physiology Science Review Homeschool | Science | Curriculum | Elementary

We received the Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology set from Apologia for review. You might think, “Anatomy and Physiology in elementary grades???” YES! Apologia has created a wonderful program perfect for children kindergarten through sixth grade (or 5 to 12-year-olds.) Anatomy & Physiology for Elementary Students For

Family Movie Night ~ Princess Cut {Review}

Princess Cut Review

We received Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures for review and recently watched it for our family movie night. Princess Cut is the wonderful story of a girl looking for love. Actually, the story really begins when she finally stops looking for love and starts looking to God. The

Memoria Press First Form Latin {Review}

First Form Latin from Memoria Press is an excellent choice for students new to Latin. First Form Latin teaches concepts through practice and mastery learning. Homeschool | Foreign Language | Latin | Homeschool Curriculum

For the past few weeks, Julia has been working with First Form Latin from Memoria Press. We received the Complete Set for review. When Julia initially started high school, she thought she wanted to have ASL as her foreign language. But the more we thought about what she

Using CalcuLadder to Master Math Facts & More

CalcuLadder consists of a carefully-designed sequence of 96 one-page drills, divided into six one-year units spanning 16 drills each. Although the units are named CalcuLadder 1 through CalcuLadder 6, any unit may be used as needed at any grade level along with any math curriculum. Homeschool Math | Math Supplements | Math Mastery

In our homeschool, we do math pretty much every day.  We normally do school four days a week, and three of those days the kids do their normal math curriculum. One day each week is spent practicing math facts, and lately, we’ve been doing it

Carole P. Roman – Books for Children {Review}

Carole P. Roman

Being a literature-rich homeschool, we have many rooms lined with bookshelves. Books of all kinds fill our rooms, with the majority of them being kids books. We’ve recently added more Carole P. Roman books and collections to our shelves. Carole has written many books, several of which