Jambalaya ~ Large Family Frugal Favorites

This super easy jambalaya recipe comes together in about half an hour. It's absolutely delicious and goes a long way! Large Family Recipes | Frugal Meals | Cheap Meals | Semi-homemade Meals

I really like boxed jambalaya. Sure, it’s nothing like the real thing, but I like it. Back when we only had a couple kids, I would buy the family size box of Zataran’s, add a pound of smoked sausage, and call it a day. As

21 Things You Should Make From Scratch

21 Things You Should Make from Scratch

Making things from scratch saves so much money! I have been making these 21 things (plus many more) from scratch for a long time. Sure, it may take a little longer than just picking up a container from the store, but the taste and satisfaction

Simple Homemade Ranch Dressing

Simple Homemade Ranch Dressing

I’ve been making homemade ranch dressing for many, many years. It all started because my family eats ranch on (nearly) everything so we really use a lot of it! With just a few simple ingredients, you can make your own homemade ranch dressing and be ready

Basic Muffin Mix (Super Simple & Freezer Friendly)

Basic Muffin Mix

I keep this basic muffin mix on hand all the time. Having this ready makes muffins a quick snack or breakfast to throw together when the craving hits. *This post contains affiliate links. To read my full disclosure, click here.* Basic Muffin Mix In a