Is Dragon Mommy Really Gone?

  So, chaos has been a think in my life lately. I posted the other day about things not going my way . . . and then today happened. For months now I have purposefully been grappling with my mommy anger. A year ago, my attitude was horrid. If anything went wrong, I would throw a fit- literally. But thankfully, I’m much better now. The attitude-laden, assumption-making, glare of death-wearing lady (aka Dragon Mommy) has been

My College Kid

  Welp, we got him all moved in. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We (I) had fun putting things together in his dorm. It was kind of my last chance to “Mom” him for a while. This super flattering picture was me trying to get him to take a photo with me in his room. Obviously, he was a little resistant. That kid. The first night was terrible. The subsequent days have

Oh My Word . . . In Three Days, Oscar Leaves For College

  In roughly 39 hours, I’m delivering my oldest son to his future home- college. Each night, for just over two weeks now, as I lay in bed at night I count the days until Oscar leaves. 10 sleeps . . . 7 sleeps . . . 3 sleeps. Last night I counted to three. Just three. I shook my head and counted again, and then again. We went to new student orientation about two months ago and

In Which I learn To Keep My Mouth Shut

  I talk a lot. Do you? I talk to other people, the dog, myself, God . . . the list goes on and on. I even talk to the ants in the kitchen before I smash them. I never gave my incessant speech much thought until about a week ago. Let me go back a bit further. When I was in 6th grade, I got braces. After four years (yes, my teeth were pretty jacked