Giveaway Winners Announced! Was it you?

So last week I shared the three books I read each year during the summer. The random winners are below! Winning Educating the Wholehearted Child – Kelly N. Winning Teaching from Rest – Lori H. Winning For the Children’s Sake – Sonya M. Congrats ladies! I’ll be sending you an email to get your address and ship your book directly from Amazon!

Reaching Out To Young Mothers With Love In A Box

love in a box

Love in a Box is a pro-love initiative launched to help save babies and help moms get plugged into local churches for spiritual, emotional and physical support through Embrace Grace. Isn’t this a wonderful ministry? Boxes are distributed to pregnancy centers nation-wide and given to young, single women with positive pregnancy tests. That was me with my first child. At just 15 years old, I walked into a crisis pregnancy center wondering if I was

Natural Supplements Make The Best Prenatal Vitamins (Enter To Win A $50 Gift Certifcate)

Natural Supplements Make The Best Prenatal Vitamins

When you think of prenatal vitamins, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? For me, prenatal vitamins meant nausea. I spent my first five pregnancies swallowing nasty-tasting horse pills while thinking about the imminent wave of nausea. However, that changed when I became pregnant with my sixth child. I educated myself on which supplements were really necessary and the best way to get them. After much research, I learned that natural supplements make the best

2017 Word of the Year: LOVE


For the past few years I’ve chosen a “word of the year” by which to live my life for that year. Last year I chose abide, and the year before that was faithful. This year, after much thought and influence (like books read, sermons preached, and my own convictions), my word of the year is Love. So what does that mean?  Loving others. Loving myself. Loving like Jesus. Loving my life. Speaking love. Living love. To

Scripture Writing ~ Guest Post by Carol from Home Sweet Life

Scripture Writing

Scripture Writing What do you do when God impresses a verse of Scripture upon your heart? Hopefully you know what I mean… that feeling that this verse is supposed to be important in your life, that this verse should change you. While several of my friends take notes on their daily reading, or the sermons they hear. Others choose to journal in their Bibles. For me, it is something different. I call it Scripture Writing.