FREE Meal Planning Made Simple 5 Day Challenge

Most mothers, myself included, spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house. It seems like our entire day revolves around food.

“When’s lunch?”

“I’m hungry!”

“Can I have a snack now?”

“What are we having for dinner??”

These questions plague our days (and patience!).

Just like you, I struggled with keeping up with the dishes, feeding everyone (why do they have to eat every day??), cleaning up afterward. . . by the time we clean up after one meal, it’s almost time for the next!

I’m here to tell you there is an easier way, mama. I have learned how to meal plan, grocery shop, and freezer cook my way into a blissful state of always knowing what’s on the menu, and even better . . . so do the kids.

October 7th-11th I’ll be hosting a 5-day meal planning challenge called Meal Planning Made Simple. And best of all, it’s completely free.

Join me and many mothers around the world as we . . . 

  • take inventory of our freezer, pantry, and fridge
  • create a custom staples grocery¬† list
  • narrow down family favorite meals that everyone (or at least mostly everyone, we can’t please them all!) will eat
  • create routine breakfast, lunch, and snack menus
  • learn how to stock those family favorites in the freezer
  • discuss buying in bulk — it’s pro’s and con’s
  • create a custom 1-month meal plan
  • create a functional meal planning binder

That’s a lot, huh??? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think!

When you register below, you’ll get access to . . .

  • an exclusive Facebook group for members of this challenge
  • a workbook with all the PDF printables you need to work through the challenge
  • daily live videos with me in the Facebook group as we move through the 5 days
  • daily email recaps (for the 5 days)

Are you ready?? Click here to sign up.