Flight & Metamorphosis Film Reviews

Flight & Metamorphosis Films Review Birds and insects are two of my children’s favorite subjects, so when the opportunity came up to review Flight and Metamorphosis, we jumped on it! The DVDs are available from FishFlix.com. We received physical copies of both titles. Metamorphosis: The Beauty & Design of Butterflies Review This transition from an earth bound plant-eating arthropod with limited vision and mobility into a beautiful winged insect that feeds on nectar and has exceptional navigational senses and

Birds of a Feather – Once a Week Unit Study Review

Birds of a Feather is a once-a-week unit study from Homeschool Legacy that takes a multi-sensory approach to learning all about birds for kids of all ages. Technically, the study is for grades 2-12. However, I used it with my preschoolers. What is a Unit Study? A unit study approach to learning focuses on one particular subject while incorporating a wide variety of academic subjects such as: bible, literature, history, science, geography, arts and crafts, life

The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight Review

One of the biggest issues I’ve had with homeschooling is trying to fit everything into my day. The schoolwork. The housework. The cooking. Keeping the babes busy (and happy). The laundry. Preparing for church ministries that I run. Making sure my reviews are on time. And then of course there’s my husband- the workaholic love of my life who lately has only been given whatever leftover energy I can muster at the end of the

Spelling You See – Level G Modern Milestones Review

  When we first began homeschooling, I was one of those moms who tried to have school at home. I brought what I remember from my own public school experience to the table and lovingly dished out plates filled with textbooks, tests, schedules and of course, spelling lists. I hated spelling as a kid. In fact, I’m still not fond of it now. Thank God for spellcheck (can I get an amen?). Spelling was always

The Perfect Art Book for Preschoolers {a Crew Review}

Art is an everyday occurrence around here. The crayons, colored pencils, markers, paints (acrylic, water color and finger) and play-doh are always readily available. You won’t see much fine art here but instead you will find a plethora of lovingly crafted scribble pages and paint hand prints on the walls and refrigerator. I have never really been structural with the art my preschoolers do. If they want to color, we color. If they want to