Awesome BBQ Meatballs with a (ssshhhhhh) Store Bought Sauce

In an effort to bulk up the food reserve in my freezer, every meal we have made this week has been one that puts a little extra in the freezer. Last night was no exception. Normally, I am all about making our sauces from scratch. There’s nothing like spaghetti sauce made from your own tomatoes, and  I have been told my alfredo sauce is some of the best around. When we have bbq chicken, I always

Sausage Pepper Ziti (A Make Ahead Meal)

If you saw my post on Friday then you knew that we were having Sausage Pepper Ziti this week. Well, tonight was the night, however, when the time came to get things cooking, I couldn’t find my recipe. I realized… I’ve made this at least a dozen times, I don’t need the recipe! So, I made it, tweaked it, and I tell ya, it’s the best batch I’ve ever made. This happens to be Oscar’s favorite

Two Week Meal Plan and An Epiphany

We all make meal plans, right? Some weekly, some monthly. For years now I have made meal plans on a two-week budget. Anyone of you who has to do this knows how hard it can be. We inevitably run out of milk and bread a couple of days before the next payday. I love my big freezer in the garage. I try to get at least one day of freezer cooking in each week- whether

Turkey Burger with Olive Relish

Doesn’t this look delicious? This was one of the best, most fresh dinners we have had in a while. My husband, Renato, whipped this up in less than half an hour. I do love that man. Want a closer look? Oh yes, it was fantastic. His olive relish atop a turkey burger on a bed of organic greens. Oh my soul- be still!   Here’s the recipe for the relish: Renato’s Olive Relish 3 tomatoes

Perfect Spot for Books- Repurposing a Dish Drainer

I have a fifth grader and ninth grader-  and of course the one and two year olds. Our school room is a library/ workspace/ research center/ playroom/ craft room all rolled into one. I am always looking for new ways to organize and maximize space. I have tried workboxes, cubes, shelves,  plain old stacks of books, everything I think of to store the kids’ books. I desperately wanted to keep each child’s books together, easily accessible and, of course,