Meal Planning Made Simple: 52 Weeks of Menu Plans, Shopping Lists, Price Comparison Sheets, and More!

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The last meal planner you’ll ever need.

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Meal planning is a defining factor in our days. If mama doesn’t have a plan for feeding everyone, the day can quickly descend into chaos, am I right?

This personal-sized meal planner contains everything you need to keep a handle on the meal planning situation. Inside you’ll find . . .

  • 52 weeks of meal planning and shopping lists
  • 20 Price Comparison Sheets
  • 4 Family Favorite Meals spreads (1 for each season)
  • 30 Family Celebration Planning pages
  • 32 Quick Reference Recipe Cards

Never lose your favorite recipe or forget your list at home again. Throw this planner in your purse or diaper bag and you’re ready to go!

If you’d like a digital PDF version, you can find it here.

Jeniffer’s recipes and meal plans have been used at our house on many occasions. Her recipes are kid-friendly and large-family adaptable. I love that they’re now in one place. No more chasing printed papers or scribbled sticky notes. Thank you for simplifying things once again!

-Katie H.

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*This book does not come spiral bound. Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer spiral binding at this time, however, you can have it spiral bound at a local office supply store for minimal cost.*

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3 reviews for Meal Planning Made Simple: 52 Weeks of Menu Plans, Shopping Lists, Price Comparison Sheets, and More!

  1. Samantha Hatcher

    I have been an avid menu planner for years, having 7 children makes it the only way you can feed your family. I would create my menu and the grocery list on a separate piece of paper. I would mark up my grocery list and then toss it when I was done, but then that made the menu harder to use again because I would have to recreate the grocery list. When Jeniffer mentioned her planner I knew it was what I needed. I could keep ALL of my menus and grocery lists together in one place. It could easily travel with me to the store. I would be able to keep everything together so if I wanted to reuse a menu the grocery list would be right there with it. This is definitely going to be a HUGE blessing in my life.

  2. Haley Smith

    I am an obsessive control freak and planner but always struggled with keeping myself accountable in the meal planning department. Having a book designed specifically for my meal planning has helped immensely! The layout is EXACTLY what I used to scribble in the margin of my daily planner, great to have it organized in its own space now. I look forward to using the pages designed for price comparison store to store, I’ve always saved receipts with the intention to compare but having a place to write it all out may make it a reality. I have been using it for a few weeks now with great success, my husband is happy that I have a dinner plan ahead of dinner time. He likes the layout as well and has been able to shop for me, he would love it if you designed an app with the same layout though and would happily purchase it, I am a paper and pen person so very happy with this version.

  3. Emily H

    This planning book is a great tool for keeping myself on track. I typically try to remember what meals my family likes. Or most of the members. Then I would look for where the recipe was located or saved and then get back to my grocery list. I have halfway meal planned in the past. But this guide collects all my notes and lists in one place. And I can flip back a few weeks to remind myself of favorite foods for 5 kids or ingredients that are not staples that I may need to remember. I also jotted down a list in special occasions for each family member so I have ideas for each of their birthdays and what to cook for dessert or a special meal on their day. Such a timesaver!

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