Below you’ll find our favorite products. I have personally used everything below and loved it.

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Sonlight – Sonlight Curriculum has forever changed our homeschool. This literature-rich, Charlotte Mason-style curriculum truly paves the way for you to make homeschooling a lifestyle. All four of my school-age children use Sonlight. You can read my full review on The Old Schoolhouse Website.

Channie’s Writing Pages – these writing practice pages have transformed my children’s writing from messy and cluttered to proportionate and well spaced. Find my review here.


Our Favorite Read Alouds



Make Over Your Mornings – This course revolutionized my mornings. My mornings because much more productive after this class!

Make Over Your Evenings – Similar to the morning course, except in this one Crystal teaches you how to have a smooth day by preparing the night before.

My FreezEasy –  if you are looking to get into freezer cooking, this is perfect for you!!


Around the House

Dyson Cordless Vacuum – this vacuum is absolutely wonderful on my hardwood floors and low pile rugs. It makes cleaning up the crumbs, glitter, guinea pig bedding, dog hair . . . and everything else a breeze.

Slow cookers and my Instant Pot – These two machines have saved me many, many hours in the kitchen!