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Thank you for downloading the Eating Well Through the Winter Season Ebook. The book is on its way to your inbox.  I know you’re going to love it! 

Finding good recipes made from quality ingredients can be tricky, but being mindful of what your family eats doesn’t have to be hard. 

I’ve created Large Family Frugal Meals for families just like yours. 

I’ve done all the work for you by creating weekly menus that include every meal, even snacks, and give you the shopping list and recipes to go with it!

Are you ready to save precious time and use these frugal meal plans?

Here’s what one mom had to say about it . . . 

“I am so excited to have found these meal plans. Although I love feeding my family homemade/healthy meals, I do NOT enjoy the planning and prep that goes into it. I was spending a couple hours each week finding recipes and prepping my lists. This has made it so easy. I do not enjoy cooking/baking. However, these recipes are easy and not time-consuming. I love that the list is ready to go. It comes with 5 planned dinners. If we are needing more that week, I will add some of our family favorites to the plan, add what’s needed to the list, and shop. We try to stick at $150 for a week’s worth of meals, including all consumables. I’ve easily been able to do that with these plans. I also love that I am adding to my freezer for busy days/nights. I was never able to fit that into my plan before buying these. I am looking forward to buying more of these, and saving myself tons of work! Thank you!” – Mandy L. of Indiana

Save time and take the work out of meal planning with the Large Family Frugal Meal Plans.