Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters

Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters

Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters to go with Susan Hunt’s My ABC Bible Verses We’ve been using Susan Hunt’s My ABC Bible Verses in our homeschool for a few months now. I use it with my four and five-year-olds, and of course, two-year-old Louisa is right beside them echoing every verse they say. We usually do one letter/verse a week, unless it’s particularly long and the kids are struggling with it, then we might stretch it out for

Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens Review #hsreviews #prayerjournalforkids

For some time now I have struggled with getting my five year old, Max, to pray aloud with anything other than, “Thank you for our food. Please keep Daddy safe at work. Help me be good. Amen.” I’ve tried asking questions like, “What are you thankful for?” “What do you need God’s help with?” Usually with some probing he would expound a bit more, but the next time he prayed he was back to his

Our Favorite Resources for Teaching God’s Word to Preschoolers and Tots

When I became a Christian, my only two children were already at the age to completely understand the Gospel. In fact, thanks to the teachers of the church we were attending, they got saved shortly after I did. Several years later, I had four more children- all of which came in the span of five years. It didn’t occur to me until I started reading to the first one that I would be responsible for

Family Bible Study – Grapevine: The Resurrection Review

Family Bible Study Review

Family Bible study is super important to me, but finding something that accommodates everyone (ages 3-adult) can be difficult. We were given the opportunity to review The Resurrection: Multi-level  from Grapevine Studies. Grapevine Studies is nothing new to us. We were blessed to be able to review them last year for the Crew too. We are big fans of stick figuring our way through the Bible. No matter the age of the kids, the program

Lego Bible Review

Lego Bible

A few weeks ago I was at a local Christian store and saw a Lego Bible in the kid’s section. In days prior I had been searching for a Bible for my almost-five-year-old son, and this would have been perfect! However, I wasn’t there to buy a Bible, and didn’t bring enough funds for the unexpected purchase. You can imagine my excitement when the very same Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz came up for review